Menopause Cravings!


Menopause Cafe

I came up with the idea for the cartoon above because along with chocolate, salt and vinegar potato chips were my go to food for menopausal cravings. Love em!

I recently wrote about menopausal weight gain for EmpowerHer. In the article, I confess that I devoured a Valentine’s gift basket in record time. (Read my article here.) No, the gift basket didn’t contain any potato chips, but a lovely selection of ten other decadent foods. 

I wish I had the answer for those of you still dealing with PMS and menopausal cravings. My sweet tooth and my chocolate cravings, sadly, are still ever present in my life, but I seldom get those desperate cravings I did during menopause. The articles will tell you to try fruit to satisfy them, but that reminds me of my mom telling me drink water when I wanted to open a soda. And I still love chips and other salty snacks, despite my doc telling me to watch the salt.

No matter what, I think a menopause cafe would be a wonderful place to hang out. If I open one, will ya’ll be my first customers? What else should be on the menu?



Read about the history and evolution of the potato chip here!

And here’s a recipe for making your own salt and vinegar chips. I’m off to test it now. Gotta to have good chips at our cafe!

The photo is from the Kettle Brand website. I love the advice they give for admiring a chip: “Behold, the perfect chip. Pick one up. Turn it gently in your hand. Admire the character, the unique, individual shape, the beautiful tawny gold color.” Now that is potato chip appreciation!

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  1. Lots of chocolate. With whatever. Pretzels. Nuts. Berries. Bananas. None of this is original but combine chocolate, with salty something and fruit. Yum. that would be good for your franchise!

  2. Wine! You have to serve wine! I love potato chips with a nice glass of wine, btw salt and vinegar are my favorite 🙂

  3. How about fish and chips salted nicely with a drizzle of malted vinegar? I always like a little protein with my menopausal cravings, and sugary things would definitely not be good for my “equilibrium.” But, a glass of wine is always good! 🙂

    • By the way, for anyone who used to like and enjoy a glass of wine, and it just hasn’t seemed to be as enjoyable lately (seems a little “tough” or slightly “toxic” tasting). It may not just be our age chronologically speaking, making us less able to metabolize a glass of wine.

      Here’s an interesting link to how there are over 200 additives currently used in wine-making that may make our wine less palatable and less healthy:

      I was really surprised when I saw this! Bought a bottle of organic wine today, and what a major difference in quality, and my enjoyment of that glass of wine!

      Also, loved your cartoon, and the idea of menopausal cravings! Actually, don’t know if I really craved any one thing (or category of food) more than others. I just think, I craved MORE of EVERY category of food I loved more than ever during perimenopause!!

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