Thanks for Thinking of Us, Mrs. Rabbit!


Easter Bunny

So did it work?

Did you get a happy share of chocolate delights?

I remember years ago trying to figure out how to sneak candy from the girls’ baskets. Could I get by with eating one of four foil-wrapped small bunnies? Could I knock off a larger bunny’s right ear? What if I took ten M & M’s from the plastic tube with the yellow ducky on the top? 

Life sure presents chocolate challenges…

Have a your favorite chocolate in the world kind of day!

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  1. I bought my own chocolate bunny to eat! I bought one with the long ears this year and ate it all in no time! And I will probably go buy myself another one on sale. Happy Easter!

  2. One wonderful thing about FriendfortheRide is our common experiences – and sometimes common guilt !? (haha!) in terms of eating chocolate bunny ears, for example. Yes, I do remember a nibble or two until a chocolate rabbit ear from my daughter’s Easter basket was gone. And, am I remembering this correctly, or did my daughter once ask, “What happened to my Easter Bunny?” (of course, not the “whole” thing”)!Yikes! Why didn’t we just think of Gail’s wonderful suggestion to buy our own chocolate bunny!?!

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