The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twenty-two




Our Ladies Room Door Art Series continues! Thanks to those of you who photographed these wonderful doors.

I discovered musicians Nancy and Anne Wilson at the Blue Note Grill in Durham, North Carolina, on the door above.

From Rachel, the doors at Pompeii Pizza in Durham. The restaurant is set in an old firehouse, which explains the somewhat off-color names on the doors. (I’m not sure how I would explain “Jaws of Life” on a ladies room door to a six-year-old.”) Fun doors though, that’s for sure!



From Silvia, who snapped this photo at a steakhouse in Santa Ana, El Salvador. Silvia sent along a translation: “Ella” means “she” and “damas” means “ladies.”


From Kirstina, The Pineville Tavern in Wrightstown, PA, which is said to be haunted. Kristina reports the tavern was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.


From Candace, 49 West in Annapolis, Maryland.


From daughter Kath at the H G Sply Company in Dallas, Texas.


From Pat, The Continental, a restaurant in Richmond, Virginia.


Johnna snapped this at a friend’s house.


Jay’s Chicken Shack, right up the street from me:


From Gail, a bathroom in Page Auditorium at my alma mater, Duke University.


From Barb, Virginia’s on the Bay, Port Aransas, Texas. Barb wrote, “One guess which is the men’s room!”




And Barb found this one at The Brewery, also in Port Aransas.

image4 (1)

And finally, Cliff sent me this cartoon, which certainly fits our theme!

12805824_900058070092263_4800686065430922713_nThanks one and all for your contributions. It’s readers like you who keep the Ladies Room Door Art Series flushing along on Friend for the Ride!

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    On Mon, Apr 11, 2016 at 12:45 PM, Friend For The Ride wrote:

    > Barbara Younger posted: ” Our Ladies Room Door Art Series continues! > Thanks to those of you who photographed these wonderful doors. I discovered > musicians Nancy and Anne Wilson at the Blue Note Grill in Durham, North > Carolina, on the door above. From Rachel, th” >

  2. All taking these bathroom door photos are so brave! Saw a great marble door for the bathrooms at an airport with bold lettering of “M” and “W”, but thought twice about taking the photos in such a busy public place! Saw another great bathroom door with sailor/pirate theme in a funky little steak and chops bistro, told my husband to grab the camera, but then again, wasn’t sure about the snapping of a picture! Would we startle someone coming out of the bathroom!!? Glad there are so many uninhibited “photographers” to help with your fun post!

  3. Thanks for the Door series Barbara. Love the one of the Heart sisters <3, Angel Fish/Clown Fish, and Don't Mess with Texas Women, aka Yours Truly, lol… Love Cliffs cartoon…a perfect ending ❤

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