The Bird Bucket List


Lilacbreasted Roller; Coracias Caudata; South Africa

I’ve yet to make my bucket list. Perhaps because I find the project overwhelming. There’s lots to do in the world!

So when Cliff sent me this article on the Bird Bucket List, I thought, wow, now that I could do. Bucket lists by category. Here’s a Bird Bucket List I made, composed of one bird of mine and the Bucket List Birds of friends.

At the top, from Ken, who has traveled the world, you see the lilac breasted roller.

Gail chose the the snowy white owl.

Mini, a 25-year-old Snowy Owl injured as a young bird, peers out from her enclosure at the Raptor Trust, a bird sanctuary and rehabilitation center about 30 miles west of New York City in Millington, New Jersey in this December 12, 2006 file photo. The elusive snowy owl, rarely seen outside the Arctic, is turning up more frequently in the skies of North America than it does in the pages of a Harry Potter book, data from the National Audubon Society suggested on January 7, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Segar/Files (UNITED STATES - Tags: ANIMALS ENVIRONMENT)

Susan selected a bird from my childhood turf, the Baltimore oriole.


Nancy wrote, “Since I am not much of a ‘birder,’ I would go for birds that are names for sports teams – Baltimore Orioles (and Ravens!), Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons. Georgia Peregrine Falcon (below).”


Jan chose the a male painted bunting.


Judy picked a puffin.


Johnna selected our American symbol, the bald eagle.

images (1)

Nell wrote, “My mom always wanted to see a road runner before she died, and then she did!”


Somebody chose the blue footed booby, but sadly, I can’t remember who. But look at those gorgeous feet!

Blue Footed Booby

And Cliff longs to see a bird he’s heard often but never seen: a whip-poor-will. Oh and here’s a tip. Don’t tell someone his bucket list bird is ugly. It doesn’t sit well.


And as for me, in memory of my dad, I am putting the albatross at the top of my Bird Bucket List. Dad talked about seeing these magnificent birds from the deck of his destroyer during World War Two.


What about you?

Let’s add to the list. If you send me a bird, I’ll find a photo and post it.

Pat suggests the cedar wax wing. Lovely colors!


Phyllis would like to see (up close) the Hawaiian stilt. She writes: “I think that we saw some of these amazingly long-legged birds (in relation to their body size) in a low water pond-like area in Maui. But, they were so far away we couldn’t quite tell!”


From Robin, the frigate bird. Gorgeous!



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    • We saw Puffins at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and they were so adorable, and so people-friendly. They are really, really, special birds.

  1. Hi Barbara,
    When I saw your headline “The Bird Bucket List,” my imagination instantly went to a bucket list a bird might make. Ha! Like catching a rare worm. Finding the best bird feeder in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Taking a drink from a far-off mountain stream, etc. Oh my. I worry about myself sometimes. 😉 xo

    • No worries Creativity! I love the idea of a true bird bucket list. Wonder if there’s a picture book in here somewhere?

      On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 2:02 PM, Friend For The Ride wrote:


  2. Love this list! A friend on Twitter posted a photo this week of a painted bunting at her feeder- it was gorgeous. So that’s my favorite now. Can we start a bucket list of desserts, too? Thanks for sharing this- awesome post!

  3. Several of the birds in your post almost look photo-shopped–such amazing colors!
    I would love to see a hummingbird that I saw on a PBS special about their migrations. It has very long tail feathers with little “fans” on the ends that it moves in wonderful ways. Don’t remember its name.

  4. I absolutely love birds! When we lived in Massachusetts, we had some very beautiful red cardinals and goldfinches, who would visit our bird feeder that was hanging high up from a tree limb. This hard to reach and squirrel resistant bird feeder was also visited often by a very tenacious squirrel, who would leap from the tree far out onto the hanging bird feeder, swinging from it and eating the bird seeds. What a sight!! Then when we moved back to California, we had a home where hummingbirds would dart from one cherry blossom tree to another at an amazing speed! We also saw these beautiful birds up close on our flowering plants in the garden!

    The bird I would like to see up close would be the Hawaiian Stilt. I think that we saw some of these amazingly long-legged birds (in relation to their body size) in a low water pond-like area in Maui. But, they were so far away we couldn’t quite tell!

    I also would love to join a bird watching group! Maybe we could get a Friend for the Ride Bird Watchers group together!

      • Yes, I really did admire the tenacity of that squirrel, too! Plus, his incredible acrobatic ability! Forgot to mention that he would slide down a very long wire from the tree limb to the attached bird feeder below! He was almost as fun to watch as the birds!

  5. I’d have to choose the Magnificent Frigate Bird – we used to see them overhead in Key West, and they are truly magnificent!

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