The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twenty-three


My daughter Laura found these doors at the Bayona in New Orleans.


Diane sent this subtle yet elegant door from Leonhard’s Café in CharlottetownPEI. Diane reports the inside of the ladies room is elegant too!


She  found the sign and doors below at  King’s Arms Pub in Kentville, N.S.  She reports,”I chuckled as I received odd looks when taking the pictures.” I know those odd looks!



I found this shiny door at the BP Station at Exit 364 off I-40 in North Carolina. The woman who took our credit card there has a mother-in-law who gave birth to 23 children. Wow. Bet her menopause was a welcome relief.


The coolest unisex door I’ve found this far, at the Las Olas Mex-Q-Grill in Wilmington, North Carolina.


Susan, who recently visited daughter Gwen in India, found this the door at an outdoor mall in Chandigarh.


Also from Susan, the Crystal Restaurant in Amritsar, India.


Susan spotted this one at the Alpha One Mall in Amritsar.



And this restroom  sign at the Hotel Gangaur, on the main road from Agra to Jaipur.


I found this nice design at Tower Seven in Wilmington, North Carolina.


And from another bathroom door at Tower Seven.


The Beer Barrio is a  a way cool restaurant in Wilmington, North Carolina. I had a great time chatting with the owner and complimenting her ladies room door. The door was designed by Voltz and Boltz. Check out their designs here.



And that wraps up this edition of Friend for the Ride’s Ladies Room Door Art Series. Thank you Diane and Susan for your wonderful contributions!

6 thoughts on “The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twenty-three”

  1. What fun! Nothing like a little beauty humor clever grace fun ways to dress up the doors of restrooms, what a great niche for someone to try their hand at!

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