Mother’s Day: Celebrating with Words and Photos

Page 10 - Mother reading to children - motherhood quote

In honor of Mother’s Day, images and words from We Are Women: Celebrating Our Grit and Wit by June Cotner and Barb Mayer (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2016) Read more about this vibrant and engaging book on this Friend for the Ride post.

Page 14 - Unruly Children

Page 15 - Families are like fudge


Page 32 - Migrant woman & baby

Page 33 - Healthy Baby Contest - LIFE mag


Page 70 - Woman & Mom with Angelou quote

All images and text from:

We Are Women - lighter image

7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: Celebrating with Words and Photos”

  1. Lovely tribute to us mothers! Provokes great appreciation for our own mother and grand
    mothers who did their best…happy mother’ s day!


  2. Especially,like the quote from Maya Angelou. It is, in essence, how you make your children “feel.” Happy, happy mother’s day to you Barbara, and to all mothers everywhere, and on this special forum, Friend for the Ride!


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