Menopause Support: If These Porches Could Talk

20160122_102756 (1)

These were the porches on my house around 1912. Sadly, lumber was hard to get after World War Two. The porches were in a state of disrepair, and the upper level and the sides were taken down and not replaced.

I got to wondering: What if these porches could talk? What stories could they tell? What conversations would they reveal? Any menopause discussions?

In “Nine Ways to Even Out Menopausal Mood Swings,” Everyday health writes:

According to research from the University of Michigan, women who feel emotionally close to a friend have higher levels of the hormone progesterone, which helps relieve stress and boost mood. If you’re having a bad day or week or year, round up your closest gal pals for some much needed bonding, or consider joining a support group online or in your community.

Even today, many women keep silent about their menopausal woes. Shatter the silence! Talk with your friends and even strangers. I once had a great hot flash discussion waiting in line at a  7- Eleven.

Don’t miss these tips by my friend and menopause expert Ellen Dolgen, who reports that fifty million women are going through menopause in the United States right now. Porch power!



5 thoughts on “Menopause Support: If These Porches Could Talk”

  1. So true! And what would I have done during the pause without all my inspiring chats with you, Barbara Younger! Thank you! And we continue to this day. So grateful.

  2. When I was going through “the pause” which for me came early and took a while to complete, I read a lot and the ones that helped me were the downright honest books. It was comforting to know that there was good coming out of this change, a place to re-fire my passions and re-focus my energies. Humor was huge. One book referred to a stressful holiday when the author’s friends were all making homemade gifts for their children, and the author stated: “The only thing I made my kids was nervous.” I think that one statement did more to help me move on. My kids tell me now that I’ve found my sense of humor now that I’m older, and that even makes me laugh. I must have been a real bear! ! Thanks for your wonderful pictures and quotes and upbeat blog Barbara.

    1. Love it! I think I made my kids and my husband and my gym friends nervous. In fact, it was repeatedly asking my gym friends (a bit older than I am) about their menopause experiences that convinced me I needed to start a blog.

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