Color Me a Happy Quitter



When I was a little kid, I loved to color. I remember the smell of my crayon box. Picking out a new coloring book in the Five and Ten. Outlining Minnie Mouse’s dress in a darker shade of red.

So I was delighted when the adult coloring trend began.I had a fabulous time at A.C. Moore choosing my coloring books (paisley and art deco). I bought a pretty set of colored pencils.

I even got this lovely box to keep it all in.


And that’s where my new art supplies sat.

A few weeks later, I finally opened the box and started coloring. And it was fun!

But it definitely took time away from other activities such as blogging. I figure for every page I colored (the designs are intricate), I could just about write a blog post.

So I gave my coloring books to my friend Brenda.I’m happy other grownups are enjoying coloring, just like I’m pleased others like to ski and cross stitch, but spending lots of time coloring just wasn’t for me.

What about you? If so, what are your favorite patterns? Do you use markers, colored pencils, or crayons?

Here’s an article in the Washington Post about the adult coloring trend and its benefits, especially for the grieving and those in other stressful situations.

Last week, I stepped back into A.C. Moore. I couldn’t resist this pan of watercolors. Haven’t opened them yet, but aren’t they beautiful?



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  1. I’m a bit baffled by the trend, but it’s harmless— and I agree- not for me, if I have free time, I’d rather be knitting, which studies have shown provides the same relief from stress. There was a cartoon around the holidays that went something like this– Christmas– when the kids get tech toys and the adults get coloring books. I didn’t do justice to the joke but you get it. Now watercolors.. that’s a different story. Go for it!

  2. Haha – yes I buy things too and then don’t use them. I find my fall back for relaxing is more passive than coloring or painting. Facebook, computer games, reading and even tv watching are my picks. But they aren’t as creative. Cheers to the creative relaxers!

  3. Yes, it is the rage. I enjoyed coloring as a child and so I am loving this adult coloring craze!
    What a wonderful thing to do with grand nieces and nephews and children….sit alongside them and color. It is super relaxing. I also use in my adult workshops.

  4. Spot on post! When I was Christmas shopping this year, I couldn’t believe the avalanche of adult coloring books (which always sounds funny to me- I picture something different for “adult”). Coloring books didn’t call to me at all. But- then I found a Bible, with illustrations to color and I bought that. I felt that coloring as I read verses would be a positive use of my time. I haven’t done it as much as I have wanted- but it is enjoyable.

  5. I didn’t even know this rage had happened until my son gave me an adult coloring book. He remembered that I had colored with him and his sister when they were young and thought I may enjoy it. I gave it a whirl and you are right it is time consuming, but I look forward to bringing it out when my granddaughter visits and I can color with her.

  6. I’ll probably be the one who dies with the most coloring supplies, so before I do I’m donating them to my grandkids in Florida. ..

    But I too have the Bible you color and for some reason that is enjoyable for me as well.

  7. I think I googled it and then forwarded the one I wanted to my son (as a strong hint to buy me for Mother’s Day), mine has some sweet birds on the box that houses the Bible, and I think it’s called “Inspire”

  8. I think that one issue or question with the adult coloring “craze” – although, I had actually never heard of this craze per se– Is this:

    We are filling in the beautiful pigments in the palette inside of OTHER people’s bold, defined strokes, and defined boundaries of images, etc.!

    When we were young, this makes sense!

    We see the image for “Mickey Mouse,” “a lake,” “a birthday party,” etc. and it provides us that framework we need as we grow. We then, add our creative interpretation – usually extending the crayon way beyond the lines (ha! ha!)!

    So, when Cycling Grandma said ” Now watercolors.. that’s a different story. Go for it!”

    Did she mean that you would be coloring outside of the lines!!??

    I love that you said, Barbara, that this coloring would take you away from your blog posts, and ” I figure for every page I colored (the designs are intricate), I could just about write a blog post.”

    We need your blog posts!!!

    • Ah. You’re sweet. I’ve finally returned to working hard on my middle grade novel, so it’s taken some time away from blogging. I’m having a wonderful time with the novel but glad to take a break for more blogging.

      On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 9:42 PM, Friend For The Ride wrote:


      • It’s a middle grade novel about a girl named Eva Heaven and her aunt, who is a pie blogger. Adventures and troubles ensue!

        On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 9:56 PM, Friend For The Ride wrote:


  9. I would love to read your book! Let us know when it is available! I remember in our daughter’s middle school time of life, I was always looking for the best novels that she might like, and then, I would go to the library to take them out for her. And, hooray! my looking over all of the prospects, found many literary “hits.” Those days are over, of course, as our daughter is all grown up and married! But, I will never forget those days of poring over the literature, trying to find a great “read” for our daughter!

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