The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twenty-Four



More bathroom doors from far and near!

The first few doors are from Susan, who traveled to India to visit her daughter Gwen in February. (Check out Gwen’s travel blog here. (Gwen has been to fifty-five countries, and she’s just 25 years old!)

Back to doors! The colorful photographs of a man and woman (above) are from the New Delhi airport.

Below, Susan snapped this photo from the train. It’s a restroom on the Kalka-Shimla railroad line.


This door was taken at a rest stop en route to Agra from Delhi.


This marks a ladies room at a rest stop en route to Jaipur from Agra.


Susan photographed this door at the airport in Jaipur, India. To read more about ladies rooms in India, read Gwen’s post on Friend for the Ride: Bathrooms in the Developing World.



In the U.S. of A., Amelia took this photo at  New England Seafood in Jensen Beach, Florida.

20160303_155055 (1)

Candace snapped both of these doors at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, DC. You got to wonder what our mothers would think of the men’s room door. In fact, what do we think?



Carol found superhero doors at Sully’s Steamers in Greenville, South Carolina.



Becca spotted this elegant door at the Genesee Grande Hotel in Syracuse, New York.


I took the mirrored door at the Shoals Club on Bald Head Island, North Carolina.


I loved the drawing on the girl’s room door at the Expedition School, a charter school here in Hillsborough, North Carolina.
20160304_193456 (1)

And oh-so-true, the upbeat mural on the wall of the girls’ room.



Celebrate your own inner beauty as  you look in the mirror at ladies rooms far and near. But first, check out the door as you go in. If it’s a cool one, snap a photo and send it to me. Thanks so much!

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