A certain fabric will send me sailing back to my youth. I snapped this summer sailboat dress last year. The texture reminds me of pique, which was big when I was in Junior High.

The pattern is reminiscent of larger prints, which were in fashion for part of my youth.

And the style of the dress, a shift, brings to memory the stir shifts made in the sixties. My dad didn’t like my mom in shifts, so one day he hid hers in the back of the closet. She had a nice figure too. I have no idea what he hated about them. Makes me extra appreciative that Cliff has never pestered me about my clothes.

But back to fabric. What are the fabrics you remember?

Mine are wool, dotted swiss, pique, and corduroy. Loved them all!

Here’s to the fabric and the fashion of our lives.


Oh and BTW, I didn’t buy this simple shift because the price was NOT simple at all.

15 thoughts on “Fabric!”

  1. Dotted Swiss, I loved! I had a white with black dots blouse that was my favorite in Junior Hi. In HS I had a lined pale green with darker green dots summer dress with a scoop neckline. As a kid I loved seersucker Bermuda shorts in a baby blue that I could wear with a white or blue T shirt for camp when we had to wear blue and white. Memories of fabrics!


  2. Ah pique-just donned the bed with a white pique coverlet, so I can imagine a beach house for the summer. Dotted swiss (white with red dots-my fave) and yes, corduroy-baby or wide wale. My mom said the boys at school called her ‘whistle britches’ when she wore hers! Still love eyelet trim, too.

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  3. Denim- woven with cultural and institutional change! Now-silk and cashmere. And whatever yoga pants are made of! Never corduroy- it made me feel fat and I didn’t like how it wore! Fun to think about!


  4. I remember pastel seersucker tops, shorts, etc. growing up. Here’s a fun article from Huffington Post on seersucker:

    and lots of 100% cotton dresses in elementary school (usually flowery prints with a crisp white bow at the neckline) – No polyester back in those days!

    Fluffy Angora wool in junior high in colors like pink and baby blue, and, smooth, simple wool A-line skirts in high school in colors like navy and hunter green.


    1. Oh, and my husband remembers well-pressed linen jackets from when he worked at the St. Francis Hotel as a high school student, and bright, form-fitting, shiny polyester shirts from the disco days!


  5. My mom wore a pink and white striped seer-sucker suit in the 60’s and oh how I loved her in that with her black straw, wide-brimmed hat walking the boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ!
    Thanks for the lovely photo, and the words that take us to the feelings we have for fabric, Barbara!


  6. What about paisleys? That’s what high school evokes for me–that and bonded knits and fish-net stockings; wish I could forget the latter!


  7. For me it’s corduroys and eyelet trim for high school; silk moire – my bridesmaid’s dresses, flannel – childhood nightgowns. It’s fun to reminisce about the “fabrics” in our lives! Great post.


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