M is for Menopause and Men!


M stands for menopause, and it also stands for men. What do men think of menopause? Do they get a vote?

Sure they do, since menopause affects them too. I was delighted to receive this note from my good college friend, Glenn:


It’s taken me far too long to send you a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed and learned from your Friend for the Ride blog. To be honest, as a near 60 year old man, I really only started to read it to see what you’ve been up to – but I’ve continued to follow it because it has provided so much information and insight as to what my female family, friends, and co-workers are going through.

It’s really helped me to better understand and relate to their circumstances.

Great job!


Thanks, Glenn, and thanks to men everywhere, including my own husband, who get that this is a difficult transition. As I’ve written before, I wish I’d shared more with Cliff about the emotional side of menopause. Trouble is, for many of us, these emotions are so odd and so troubling, they’re tricky to characterize and to talk about.

Here are links to two posts I wrote for EmpowerHer on men and menopause:

Five Mistakes Couples Make During Menopause and Five Things I Wish My Husband Knew About Menopause.

If I could suggest another article for EmpowerHer, it would be on how to talk to your male friends about menopause because that’s an important topic, too. Thanks Glenn, for reading my blog, and thanks to guys everywhere for caring enough to connect with us during a challenging transition.

4 thoughts on “M is for Menopause and Men!”

  1. Yes, we definitely should be talking with our husbands more about menopause! But, it is sometimes so hard to characterize (as Barbara said) and talk about, and sometimes “life” just intervenes in ways that prevent the kind of smooth, wonderful discourse we would so very much like. And, shouldn’t we also be talking about the so-called “male menopause”, too!?

    P.S. Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dad’s out there who are part of this “ride”!


    1. Actually, I should mention that I brought up the “male menopause,” as I think that discussing our emotions during menopause with our husbands can sometimes be complicated by our husbands’ hormonal changes (and possibly some mood changes), too.


  2. Oh yes, I love this! Trust me, my hubs gets to hear all my disgusting things about perimenopause and my period. Egads! Sometimes it may be a bit TMI, but I only feel it’s fair to let him know what me, my body, and my hormones are going through. 😉 Great read!


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