Grandma Update: Bunny and More Bunnies


That’s me with my beloved bunny oh so many years ago. Bunny, in my mom’s words, “disintegrated.” A sad ending. Not sure what he was stuffed with, but he just kind of fell apart and we ended up not saving him. To honor Bunny, Mom painted us together in the watercolor below.


And here is my grandson Maze this spring on Bald Head Island, holding a bunny I bought him. I had named the bunny “Hubert,” but Maze thought I said “Q-bert,” so that became bunny’s name. I like it!


Although he is deep into trains and trucks and most recently, the Star Wars characters, Maze still loves his toy animals. (I’ve always hated the term “stuffed animals.”) I hope he never stops loving them. We have Cliff’s childhood rabbits here, so hopefully Maze will be loyal to Q-bert for a long time.


Nothing thrills me more than playing with Maze, but in October, I’ll have someone else to play with. Daughter Laura is expecting her first child in October.


Check out the icing color on their sex reveal cake! I’m hoping this baby girl likes rabbits too. To push the idea along, the very first dress I bought her has a rabbit peeking among the tulips.


And back to my bunny. He’s been gone for years, but our yard is graced each summer but at least one real bunny. Maybe, just maybe, that’s my bunny, now oh so real.

What about you? Any bunny memories or stories?

14 thoughts on “Grandma Update: Bunny and More Bunnies”

  1. I know how dear toy animals can be to children. Our daughter Beth’s toy dog, Pal Puppy, after 30 years,looks very much like Cliff’s toy rabbit on the right! In fact Pal Puppy even walked Beth down the aisle last year (in her Dad’s pocket)!
    Your mom’s watercolor of you and your bunny is so very precious!
    I hope Maze never loses his affection for his animals.

  2. Mine was a big plush turtle, and I loved it dearly. Congrats on your granddaughter to be, so exciting for all of you!

  3. A most enjoyable posting, I loved seeing the pictures, hearing the words and bringing back my memories of my stuffed animal. Susie. A lamb made out of real lamb hide. I loved on that lamb till I wore off all her fur and she was down to the leather. My mother made many emergency repairs as they became necessary. At some point it dawned on someone to buy me another one while they were still available. I believe they are both packed away in a trunk. Susie in her sad shape and the new Susie with all her fur intact. It was the smell I can almost recreate that the new Susie just didn’t have. I don’t think it was her soft fur as much as it was the smell………
    interestingly the name we picked for a girl if we ever had one was Susan! We ended up with 2 wonderful sons.

  4. Thank you for Grandma,s treasures, You were a cutie, then and now. My dahters used to have matching coat and hat sets. I used to find beautiful leather and suade leggings to match the coats

  5. I had a rabbit, too–Big Georgie. He was about 2 1/2 feet tall, the perfect size for hugging. He was pink and yellow, and his ears didn’t stand up anymore. My rowdy cousin drew on his face with a purple crayon, but I kept him for years. I’m sure he’s still in my parents’ attic–like every toy I owned–and one day James will go up to retrieve something for my mother and he’ll find Big Georgie mummified in the heat.

  6. When I was about 4 years old I was obsessed with bunnies. My mom, trying to instill good cultural values in me and my sister, used to frequently take us to art museums. Of course, the average 4-year-old needs more stimulation than looking at oil paintings so my mom made a game out of it. She asked me to go around and find all the paintings with bunnies in them. To her horror, I pointed out about 7 paintings of dead bunnies, the spoils of successful hunts, or in 19th century kitchens ready to be made into stew. haha

    That’s my favorite bunny story.

  7. I,nor our daughter ever had “toy bunnies.” Our daughter’s favorite “toy animal” (being sensitive here to the name “stuffed animal” – yes makes sense, terrible name!) was a purple (to not be specifically named) dinosaur! Dad did surgery on the poor dinosaur’s eye (dangling beyond usual repair), and all was a success.

    But, bunnies for real are different, I am a rabbit year person in the Chinese zodiac calendar. I have never felt more for a “rabbit” than I did for a “real one.” The cute, little brown rabbit jumped out in front of me at a hotel entrance in Michigan. These little wild rabbits are a total and complete joy!!

  8. I made my daughter, Elisabeth, a Velveteen Rabbit when she was small – I tried to replicate the illustrations of her favorite book. She was repaired several times over the years and sat on the couch in the parlor of the Horace Williams House in Chapel Hill for Elisabeth’s wedding (along with a select few other dolls and toy animals). I read from The Velveteen Rabbit during the wedding ceremony. My sister, who died from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma when she was only 48, loved “toy animals,” and I still have the bunny she was clutching when she died. I tied Beth’s favorite periwinkle bandana around the rabbit’s neck, and she sits in my guest room.

  9. Heartwarming to read the story complete with photos. And all the comments are so wonderful. Like a step into our childhoods. Thank you Barbara. You do such a wonderful job of putting life to “life”.
    Makes me want to get a toy bunny that’s lamb-soft to cuddle . . .(PS Loved the cake that tells you a granddaughter is on her way)

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