The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twenty-six


More doors! Thank you, one and all!

From Candace, unisex door above at Z Burger in Washington, DC.

Below, from Susan E, who found this lovely door at the Palo Verde National Park in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.


From Beth’s recent trip to Prague, this pretty golden girl.

image1 (1)

Beth found this in Amsterdam.

image2 (1)

From Gail, the Rodeo Shop in Eaton, Ohio.


IMG_0016 (1)

From the nicest McDonalds I’ve ever visited, near Clinton, NC. Love the simple silver W.


I snapped this door at Provisions on the Cape Fear River in Southport, North Carolina.


and on this one at the Yacht Basin Eatery.



This is Fishy Fishy, another favorite restaurant in Southport.


I found this door  the KM 38 BaJa Grill in Wilmington, North Carolina. Cliff used to get annoyed if the second we entered a restaurant, I headed to the ladies room. I think he’s resigned to it now. I used to pretend I NEEDED to find the ladies room. “Oh, I had too much tea,” I’d say or some such story. Finally, I just spoke the truth: “I can’t relax until I know if they’ve got a good door or not.”


Judi  found this great door at Joe’s Crab Shack in San Francisco.13138789_10207676829052505_6455821965049233120_n

And that sums up another edition of our Ladies Room Door Series!

Keep up your summer searches. Thanks one and all.

9 thoughts on “The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twenty-six”

  1. Love them all! And I like to hope that your blog postings about these beautiful, quirky, interesting doors encourage restaurants, shops, hotels, etc. to up their game. The usual Women’s and Men’s room signs now seem so humdrum and ho hum!


  2. Fun post, as usual! I keep wanting to find my own door to send in, but couldn’t find anything special. Then I remembered that I know of the best door of all. Except, it’s on the INSIDE of the ladies rooom door, in a fun, family-owned Italian restaurant in a vacation town near the Lake Erie islands. So- whats on the inside of the door? Picture a full-sized poster of an “Italian Stallion” in a speedo -type swim suit. But wait, there’s more. There’s a little handle on the swim suit and you can pull it down to reveal- exactly what you think! Not only that, but if you pull the handle an alarm sounds in the restaurant so everyone knows someone “peaked”. Should I send in a photo?!?!


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