Downsizing: Returned Treasures


In the midst of downsizing, comes a bit more upsizing. My childhood friend Steff and I had a wonderful reunion this winter. Steff presented me with letters and notes I wrote in Junior High. Fun!

Next, she brought out this rag doll. “You made her,” Steff said, “when we used to sew together at my house.”

I remember watching reruns of Andy of Mayberry at Steff’s and eating homemade chocolate chip cookies. I remember piano and organ lessons since Steff’s mom was my teacher. I remember sleepovers and neighborhood parties.

But I don’t remember making the doll.”She’s been in a box for years,” Steff said. “Now she’s yours.”

I brought the doll home. She smiles A LOT, so I think she’s happy.

She sat on my kitchen window ledge for a while. I would look at her and try to see the teenager I once was. The girl who loved to sew (and had better eyes for things back then like needles and stitching). I tried to conjure up that girl, but it was hard to focus past the doll’s grin.


Now the doll’s in a box again, waiting to move to the new house. There she’ll get an honored place, perhaps in the bedroom I’m fixing up for the grandchildren.

There’s lovely quote by Albert Camus: “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

Here’s my version: “In the midst of downsizing, I found there was, for me, some enchanting upsizing.”

Thanks, Steff. Welcome new/old doll!

16 thoughts on “Downsizing: Returned Treasures”

  1. I’m constantly downsizing, sorting, shifting and finding treasures I forgot all about. You have me thinking about the 4H sewing class I took. I remember I made a dress that was too short so I then needed to make pants to match and call it a “pants suit” but I cannot remember who if any friends took that week-long summer class with me. Think I’ll start asking around. Maybe someone has a photo of us in our newly made outfits. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Lovely post, Barbara. So nice that your friend saved her for you and your grands can enjoy it! This actually reminds me of my writing today. Meant to trim words, but in the process ended up adding some! Oey Vey! There’s no end to this!!

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  3. So nice to reconnect with a childhood friend and wonderful that she kept the doll; I too would give her a great spot in the new house. This is a delightful post Barbara!


  4. Lovely post Barb, and she will be much happier in your home than she was at my house in a box stuffed in the damp dark basement! She deserves better! You were a fun, engaging childhood friend. We worked hard to keep our parents relatively straight and occupied. : ) I have wonderful memories of our childhood and antics…… more to come as re-size the next chapter of our lives.


    1. Steff,

      Thank you! Doll is mad to be in a box right now, but she’ll be happy to reemerge! We did have fun, didn’t we? We were lucky, creative kids!

      On Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 8:29 AM, Friend For The Ride wrote:



  5. Funny this doll should appear, I too was remembering my childhood (after watching the movie “Amelia” and how my childhood hero, Amelia Earhart made me feel like the world was just waiting for me) and while remembering I was wishing for my childhood doll (a bride doll) that somehow never made it west. . .thank you so much Barbara for the visuals. They start the lovely rememberings. . .


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