Margaret: Posing Boldly


This huge painting by Alivia Moe stopped me in my tracks (it’s four feet by six feet) at the Hillsborough Arts Council Gallery. The exhibit featured the work of local teen artists.

I was intrigued by that bottom!

I stepped closer to read the artist’s statement. Alivia writes about her subject: “I couldn’t believe that Margaret, a seventy-five-year-old woman, would pose naked for a group of adolescents. I couldn’t imagine doing this myself at that age. She was bold.”

The art class was studying the concept of distortion, and Alivia chose to exaggerate Margaret’s bottom. Then she discovered something: “It turned out that distorting Margaret’s butt portrayed her confidence without my knowing.”

Alivia concludes her statement:”I want viewers of this piece to be both intrigued by its beauty but feel a bit uncomfortable. I believe that pieces like this are beautiful but hard to look at or accept.”

I sometimes turn and look at my own bottom in the mirror. While I gotta say, it’s nowhere near the size of Margaret’s in the painting, I do wonder about body issues as I age. I’m with Alivia. I love that Margaret was willing to pose for an art class.

But what I love even more than Margaret’s boldness, is Alivia’s thinking. Hooray for young women who understand the powers of body image. And hooray for young women artists. Alivia, may you rock the art world with boldness and joy. Thanks for sharing your painting!

Alivia Moe

Alivia Moe writes about herself: I will be attending The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago Fall 2016.  My art has been exhibited at the Hillsborough Library and The Hillsborough Arts Council along with works by my classmates. My first solo show took place at Joe Van Gogh in Chapel Hill. Art has been my passion since I could draw. Art is my voice, my power, and it has shaped who I am today.

I have created works that range from sculpture and painting; charcoal, pencil and pen; collage as well as digital photography. My body of work has progressed through several different phases, but is unified by the contrast between the inner and outer self, interpretations of beauty, self-perceptions as individuals; and society’s impact on our identity as peoples.

9 thoughts on “Margaret: Posing Boldly”

  1. As I have gotten older, I have been checking out other people’s bodies and finally accepted that mine isn’t any more odd, distorted etc. as any other person’s. Sad it has taken me 64 yrs. to realize this. But I am still not comfortable enough to pose nude!!! Way to go Margaret! And good job Alivia!


  2. Wow! What an amazing painting! And art should make you stop in your tracks!! Congratulations to you, Olivia, and best of luck. I hope we see more of your art. Cheers to beautiful bottoms in all shapes.


  3. As a fifty year old, it made me stop in my tracks! I see it as more of how a child sees a mom, beautiful and simple. The parts that are important to them, are magnified. Great painting and kudos to the bearer of the bottom!


  4. My first thought upon seeing the post was “there I am” in a painting. The painting and the artist are both lovely and what an amazingly perceptive statement from the artist. Alivia, best of luck in school and your career in fine art.


  5. I love this artwork and artist! I don’t know if the woman who had posed nude for this would have expected this characterization of her body (but, my guess is, she wouldn’t have minded!) Truly, if she had been so insecure about her “larger” derriere, she probably wouldn’t have posed – but, happily she was accepting of her body! Great message to women of all ages everywhere!!


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