The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twenty-seven


Doors, glorious doors!

Kathy sent the door above from Paleohora, Crete.

Below, from my cousin Erin’s recent trip to Korea, a Hello Kitty door!


From Erika and Brian, a bathroom door at an outdoor mall in Huntington Beach, California.


Becka sent this from Centre Furnace Mansion in State College, Pennsylvania.

image (1)

From Carey, the Auto Spa in Cockysville, Maryland. Let’s hear it for creativity at car washes! These are my kind of people.


From Candace, The Dairy Godmother in Alexandria, Virginia. What a fun name for a store that serves frozen custard and other treats.

Dairy Godmother in Alexandria

And a simple but funky sign from Candace’s trip to Dallas, Texas.


From Louise’s friend Chamai, who photographed these doors on a recent visit to Thailand, her homeland. Those are some frisky doors!

IMG_2421 (1)





Jean send these doors that a friend found in Iceland.





Phew! What a set of creative doors! Thank you one and all.

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