A Ladies Room Door Special: Chuy’s!



A few weeks ago, we went to visit daughter Laura and son-in-law Matt in Dallas. Laura always plans outings to a few of the city’s fabulous restaurants.

“Tell her my only request is to sit outside and eat unlimited chips and salsa,” Cliff said before we left.

Laura is expecting a baby girl, and women who are expecting aren’t eating outside this summer in Texas. The Zika virus has not hit Dallas yet, but pregnant women are warned not to expose themselves to the possibility of mosquito bites.

So Laura found bottomless chips inside this place: Chuy’s!

The second I stepped inside, the vibes instantly told me: LADIES ROOM DOORS. And I was right.

But first Elvis.


Look at the way cool floors. Wish I could have these in my new house:


A wall of dogs:


This lovely ancient lady:


Ah. He loved her for the wrong reasons:


On to the bathrooms.

A good sign of what I was soon to find. This festive sign:


And this one:




And a door! Lipstick!


For the gentlemen:

A second ladies room: (Chuy’s is a big restaurant.)

The men:20160805_181413

Chuy’s is Bathroom Door Heaven. And the chips are heavenly-lighter than most and quite flavorful. Cliff ate so many bowlfuls, he could barely eat his own tacos much less pine for mine.

“The next time we come, we’ll have the baby!” I said when we left.

I can’t wait to bring along a little girl to help me in my quest for ladies room doors. Now that would be heaven on Earth!

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  1. Wow! One of the best ladies room art series segment, yet! I love those tile floors (can see this a topic on HGTV!), and the “funky” atmosphere of Chuy’s!! Love Elvis. Find myself always gravitating toward free Blue Hawaii re-runs on Comcast when our money won’t support the current released movies! So happy for your new granddaughter on the way!!

  2. Reading your blog again after some time off and feeling left out and mad I didn’t find the time to stay up on your great writing , so much has happened . Congrats on the new baby girl , but much sympathy at the earthly loss of your precious mom . I will back read now each entry ! By the way …. You look absolutely amazing !!!!!

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