SYLK: A Personal Lubricant (and Giveaway!)




Here’s the scoop on SYLK, a personal lubricant:

We understand that Vaginal Dryness can occur with women from all walks of life including those going through menopause, chemotherapy, or living with an autoimmune disease to name a few.

SYLK is the only all-natural personal moisturizing lubricant made from New Zealand kiwifruit vine extract. SYLK is designed to moisturize and supplement the body’s natural lubrication, especially for women experiencing vaginal dryness.


SYLK is a trusted product and has been sold for over 30 years internationally and is now available in the United States.  It’s FDA Cleared, proving the product’s longstanding record of safety and effectiveness. Unlike other personal lubricants on the market, SYLK is not made with parabens, hormones, synthetics, or fragrances. It’s water-based, pH balanced, and is not sticky or tacky.

Giveaway! SYLK is offering to send tubes of their personal lubricant to three Friend for the Ride winners. For a chance to win, please enter a comment. If you’re shy, shoot me an email at Giveaway ends on November 25.



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