The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twenty-nine


More doors!!

My daughter Kath snapped the lovely door above  at The Vine in New York City. Here’s the handwashing station below, shared by men and women.


I took this door at the Orchid Thai Restaurant in Montpelier, Vermont. I get a kick that the door has not one but TWO creative signs on it.


And then the words “Women” and “Ladies” at the very top. There’s no mistaking the men’s for the women’s room when you go for Thai food in Montpelier.

This is the unisex door at Bear Pond Books in Montpelier. Can someone interpret the French for us? Does it mean you can only go in for five minutes? And what do they mean by “Lecture Toleree?”


I found this butterfly perching on a bathroom door at the North Branch Cafe in Montpelier.


This lady graces the door at the Corner Cafe in Montepelier. I assume she’s got some age on her.


And I love this unisex sign at the Down Home Kitchen in Montpelier


The reversible bathroom sign, a first for me, in the dorm at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montepelier, where I got my MFA in Writing ten years ago. I was back for a reunion and conference. Really hit it on doors that week!


When men are occupying that section of the dorm, they simple slide the sign. Very clever!


From reader Susan: “This is at FitnessXT, where I take kettlebell classes twice a week. I had a bone scan done a few years ago (surgical menopause had started a couple of years before that), and it showed I had osteoporosis. I started kettlebell classes, yoga class, and am taking a few supplements. A bone scan two years later showed an 11% improvement in my bones.”  Thanks Susan! Kettlebell sounds like fun.

20160510_063302 (1)

From Jan, two signs at a coffee shop in Carolina Beach, North Carolina.


Jan noted the lock on the outside of the door. Kinda creepy… (and the sign is definitely to the point).



From Jan, the Five Loaves Restaurant in Summerville, South Carolina.


Now Jan’s sister is into the game! Thank you, Nancy W., for sending this way cool door from Crabby Mike’s Restaurant in South Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


And that wraps up another edition of our Ladies Room Door Art Series. Thank you, one and all!

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