Election Special: For You, Baby Emmie!


I’m dedicating my vote to my brand new granddaughter, Emerson Grace, who came into our world just three weeks ago.

My grandmas were born in an America where women weren’t allowed to vote.

This grandma grew up in an America where all presidential candidates were men.

So we have indeed come a long way, Baby (Emmie!)

Some day I’ll explain to you how women fought for the world you now have. But I suspect, like your mama Laura and your aunt Katherine, you will only listen with half an ear. You’ll be too busy forging your own path in life.


May that path be festooned with love and vibrancy and intellect and giving and courage.

Oh and the first time you get in trouble in school, I’ll tell you about getting in trouble at the poll in 2016. I tried to take a picture of my real ballot. Two officials came at me rather quickly. Turns out recording history is a no-go at election sites in North Carolina. (Hence, the sample ballot in the photo at the top.)

15 thoughts on “Election Special: For You, Baby Emmie!”

      1. Victoria Woodhall was unique and quirky She did run but was not a candidate for a major party. She was active in the women’s suffrage movement. It’s a new book-very entertaining

  1. What a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations to your whole family!

    Anxiously awaiting the end of this election season…#imwithher!

  2. What a sweet girl, congrats to you all!
    As a Canadian watching your election at a distance I truly hope you folks make history! Btw love the sample ballot 😉

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