Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Thirty



Doors encore!

Susan sent me this door from Simpsonville, South Carolina. A few weeks later, Carol sent me the same door from the same restaurant. A first for Friend for the Ride! I hated to tell Carol I already had the door, but I did. We strive for honesty here on Friend for the Ride. Thanks to both of you!

From Pat, the Maison Dandoy in Brussels. Pat found me some wonderful doors on her trip to Belgium last spring.

image1 (1)


She found this unisex door at the Costume and Lace Museum.


Pat photographed these green and black signs at the Gallerie du Hubert in Brussels.



My son-in-law Matt found the fan and the pipe in the Napoles section of Mexico City.



From Karen, the Sunset Grille in one of my beloved childhood haunts: Ocean City, Maryland.


From Barbara, the men’s and women’s at the Mellow Mushroom in Sunset Hills, Missouri. This is the fourth set of doors I’ve featured from a Mellow Mushroom restaurant. The Mellow Mushroom folks are mellow and fun when it comes to restrooms, that’s for certain!

image1 (2)

From Susan, a rest stop on I-85 south of Greensboro, North Carolina. A lady traveler in need of a bathroom quickly will have no trouble locating this bold sign.

IMG_6291 (15)

From Ken, Zinburger at Southpoint Mall in Durham, North Carolina.How wonderful to have gentlemen contribute to our Ladies Room Door Art Series. Thanks, Ken and Matt!


Last but not least, Susan found this neat door at the Silver Spot, an upscale movie theater in Chapel Hill. They say you can eat French fries and drink wine while you view the movie. I haven’t yet been able to convince Cliff to brave the steep movie prices to check out the theater.


That wraps up Number Thirty (WOW!) of our Ladies Room Door Art Series. Thank you one and all. Keep your phone cameras ready as you celebrate the holidays. Doors await!

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