My Kindle: Rocking These Aging Eyes


Hard core book person here.

I come from a family of book collectors.


I’ve still got some of my childhood books. (Note the”his” in the subtitle at the top of Baby’s House below. Circa 1950.)


I like the smell of books (both the brand new smell and the worn smell). I like turning the pages. I like measuring how much of the book I’ve read by putting a bookmark in it, closing the book, and eyeballing how much is left.

I had no interest in an electronic reader.

But when daughter Kath said, for the umpteenth time, “Mom, you need a Kindle,” I finally caved. Kath sent me the Amazon link. The Paperwhite was on sale. I bought one, mostly to make my daughter happy.

I sighed when the box came. Did I really want this? I set my new Kindle on the back counter for a few days. Finally, I charged it up, connected it to wifi, and ordered my first book. So easy!

And in that instant, my reading life changed.

On a Kindle, you can blow up the type. I’m sure Kath had told me this a dozen times, but the significance didn’t sink in. Small print is no longer an issue for me. And thanks to larger print, I can read at night, something I was having a terrible time doing.


The Kindle’s backlighting helps with night reading too. I don’t need to move the lamp closer. You can even read in the dark.

The Kindle has changed my world. Seriously. I’m not sure it’s marketed as a product to help those of us with poor eyesight, but it should be.

Thanks Kath! And thanks for helping me pick out my festive purple cover.

Giveaway Winners:

Meryl won the fifty dollar Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card in honor of Friend for the Ride’s anniversary.

Laura won the copy of Lorraine Miano’s The Magic of Menopause

Barbara, Pam, and Karen, won tubes of Sylk

Liz won the Cool Collection Dress!

Beth won the Chocolate Soaps from Uncommon Goods

And Sara won the Nano Cooling scarf.

Please always let me know if you do NOT receive a prize you’ve won. And thanks to those of you who write such sweet thank you emails. I love knowing your prize has safely arrived.

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  1. My sister just bought the new Kindle because she flies a red eye flight often. She feels bad if she has to have her overhead light on when all her seat mates are trying to sleep. Another marketing advantage they aren’t hitting!

    • You can send files to it too. I used it to edit (mostly flag slow spots etc.) my last novel revision. You have to make changes on your computer copy, but since the manuscript is formatted book-style on the Kindle, I found it very helpful.

  2. But wait there’s more! You can read on it outside or at the beach! And get all the kindle unlimited books! And you can highlight passages. And all the other features people mentioned. Happy New Year.

  3. Oh my gosh, it’s such fun to hear a newbie Kindle owner discovering the joys of ebooks. I’m another hardcore book person, and I have adored my Kindle since 2009. I still buy/borrow and read traditional books because I love the physical sensations of them, but the Kindle serves several important purposes for me, some of which you’ve mentioned. The ability to enlarge fonts is huge (pun intended), and the backlight means that I can read in bed, where my bedside lamp isn’t bright enough or tall enough for reading a paper book. And — have you thought of this one? — on a cold winter night, you can keep one hand under the covers because you only need a thumb swipe to turn the pages. Such a luxury, lol.

    And I discovered a new reason to love my Kindle recently when I joined a book discussion group. I pointed out how a particular bird had been mentioned many times in this book, and when nobody else had noticed it, I was able to do a quick search on my Kindle and read them some of the passages I’d been referring to. Everyone was very impressed, and I felt like some sort of wizard from the future!

  4. I love libraries and real books! No, I correct that; I ADORE libraries and RELISH “real” tangible books!! I do love the actual smell of the library (and all the old volumes) as I walk in. And, I used to run up and down stairs of university libraries photocopying the journal articles I needed resolute in their old, smelly-wonderful volumes! That was, of course, until you could simply get them online and printed out at the reference section downstairs. So much easier for research, for sure. But, oh, do I miss lugging those volumes down the stairs, exultant in my reward of having found the old journal articles!

    However, you are right, there are rewards to the Kindle I had never thought of!! I did get a Kindle a couple of years ago, but abandoned it quite quickly, because I like to physically scan through the real book, and I have this kind of “spatial” memory about it, funny to say!

    But, these are great benefits to Kindle as you describe them!! Okay, I guess I will take a re-look!

    • I bet your eyes are better than mine. This has been a real lifesaver. I do wish Kindle would do more to market themselves this way. I had no clue! I also like getting a book instantly. Didn’t know that would be so much fun!

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