The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Czech Republic Edition



In October, Cliff and I took a trip to Austria and then met up with Dr. Ken Ostrand. Ken led us on a tour of Kutna Hora and Prague. Our journey to the Czech Republic was a trip of trips, with some of the most creative ladies room doors I’ve ever found.

These green doors grace the Restaurant Kometa in Kutna Hora.


Here I tasted spiced lemonade


and fried cheese, which was delicious, but I’m not sure it’s what the doctor would have me order.


Here are the doors at Harmonia, where our group dined our first night in Kutna Hora.



I was charmed by the interior of the ladies room. Great colors!


And funky green paper towels.


The view from our hotel.


My traveling companions soon learned of my ladies room door mission and pointed them out to me. Erikca ate lunch at the Villa U Varhanare and discovered this seated little lady.


Not sure where I found this silhouette with the pony tail.


This is the door at the Medieval Silver Mine. I was pleased to traverse the low and narrow passages of the mine without incident, but what an awful life those miners led. At least, as our guide pointed out, the miners were well paid.

Inside the ladies room, I found this notice near the toilet. I don’t speak Czechoslovakian but figured out what the sign means by the word “hygienicke.”


Late one night, Cliff, Ken, and I went for beers at the Restaurant Dacicky. This painting on the bar’s door stopped me in my tracks. The colors and whimsical design reminded me so much of my mom’s art.


The restroom doors have an upbeat folk art style to them too.

On to Prague! On our first evening there, a few of us went to the Hibernia. I made the trek downstairs to this ladies room. What a find!




They even have artwork in the stalls.

I was in dessert heaven when I came back upstairs.


Our group enjoyed lunch at the Lobkowicz Palace Restaurant. The restaurant features ornate decor, including the ladies room door.

Not sure where I found this stylish lady with a feather in her cap.


Or this simple outline of a woman.20161005_122606

We had a festive group dinner at Kotleta on our last night. Ken had checked out the restaurant ahead of time. “You follow the green line to the ladies room,” he said beforehand. I wondered what he meant.

Sure enough, this line on the floor lights the way to the restrooms, which are downstairs.



With a touch too much Czech beer, it can take one a second to figure out which door is which.

The ladies…


And the men’s.capture

I loved our time in the Czech Republic. I especially appreciated the architecture and the history and the chance to observe what life was like in a place that not so long ago was a Communist nation.

And I got a kick out of how brave and strong the women sound when they speak. Cliff jumped when a woman fussed at him for taking a photo of the bread display in a grocery store. We have no idea why photos aren’t allowed, but he took no chances disobeying a voice that strident.

But back to the doors. Anyone have a favorite of the ones I’ve shown you? Mine is the green door at the top. That woman has style, and she’s merely striking a pose. Now that’s confidence!

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  1. maybe the bread lady was worried Cliff was going to “copy her style” and open up some competition. Or report her! (for who knows what….) Hard to know but I love your word, “strident” yeah we pay attention don’t we with that kind of a voice. I love your series on rest room doors, each one is enchanting. Love your familiarity with the colors of the one place b/c of your mom’s paintings. That really speaks to me.

  2. The first thing I thought when I saw the bar door photo of the castle was that you had slipped one of your mom’s paintings in! So, yes, I agree!

  3. The combination of insights from your travels (and others’ travels), and the ever new array of doors, is truly unique! I look at the cheese dish, and know that if you ate the accompaniments to it — fresh, green, red, and crunchy cucumber that it would probably cancel any potential bad effects from fried cheese!

    The view from the hotel looks kind of “without people”? Where was everybody?!

    Both the initial “green” bathroom signs are “saucy” and “fun.” Do you think that this in any way reflects the culture that you visited?

    • I don’t know where the people were but it’s not a very crowded town. Lots more the next day up in the area near the silver mine. Yep, those green doors do seem to reflect the culture. Definitely an air of confidence, especially among the women.

  4. great pics! I like the last 2 metal/modern looking ones, you really have to pay attention to make sure you go in the right one!!

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