March On!


When the women’s movement ramped up in the sixties, my mom embraced it. Her enthusiasm helped me champion women’s rights too. Years later, I made certain my own daughters understood the women’s movement. I wanted them to really get that life had opened up for them thanks to the women who fought in decades past.

Of all the photos from Saturday’s marches, this is my favorite. My friend Lindsley went to D.C., bringing with her four kitty hats made by another Hillsborough friend. She gave two of the hats to sisters riding the metro with their mom en route to the march. What a story they’ll tell of their day in Washington. Girl power! Women power! March on!

In case you missed the collection of photos put together by the New York Times, here they are, from sea to shining sea and across the world.



8 thoughts on “March On!”

  1. Participating in the Women’s March on Washington was an absolutely amazing experience for me. Being surrounded by over 500,000 good, kind, caring people was empowering, uplifting, encouraging, and exciting. I knit 4 pussyhats – my daughter, granddaughter, and I each wore one, and I gave the 4th to a woman I met on the street. She was overwhelmed with appreciation, gave me a big hug, and said she would “remember me forever!”

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the NYT photos! I had seen some of them individually but it is so overwhelming (in a good way) to see them together from all over the world!

  3. Let there be peace and let it begin with me. I respect the rights and views of the community but I believe there should be balance as well. Like if making available to your children a march– then allowing them the opposing views as well. -like viewing the inauguration of one of the highest offices in our country as this provides a format for talking and listening. I believe the listening ( instead of the shouting)? Is a skill we all need to learn. After all it is what is between our ears and between our arms (hearts) that make us human.
    Also what about the “name ” of these hats— for our sons and grandsons, doesn’t this seem a derogatory name. I mean we need to further explain and to teach to our off spring but with dignity and with respect for all. In a society that welcomes and is blessed with free will— balance and forgiveness and the beauty of second chances is a walk and a move forward with positiveness. I respect the rights of humans to march or not,just hope the same respect is returned to opposing views. Enjoy your blog!

    1. I have mixed feelings about the hats too but did melt when I saw the photo of the girls with them. But yes, a bit crass to me and also gives to much attention to the behavior that prompted it.

  4. the picture is adorable!! I participated along with my 15 yr. old daughter-it was her idea to go to our local march. About 10K people from all walks of life showed up in solidarity. As for the hats? they kept us warm! plus they are pink and it keeps the reason of their creation on the table. The behavior that prompted it must not be forgotten!

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