Our Golden Books (and a Golden Book Giveaway)



Nothing zips me back in time faster than seeing the cover of a Golden Book I loved.


2017 marks the 75th anniversary of Golden Books, launched in October 1942 during World War II. With their small, uniform trim size, bright illustrations, and 25 cent price tag, they were a hit with kids and adults. For the first time, good books for children were for sale in grocery, drug, and department stores.


Some of the finest artists for children such as Alice and Martin Provensen, Richard Scary, Garth Williams, and Eloise Wilkin, illustrated Golden Books. Author Margaret Wise Brown, best known for Goodnight Moon, was a champion of Golden Books. Some children’s librarians and educators believed the books were too scant, too simplistic, and poorly printed. Brown disagreed. And she thought Golden Books were important because now all children could have their own books.


This was Cliff’s favorite. He might not want me to announce it to the world, but we discussed this book on our very first date!


And this was my favorite. I had a toy bunny I adored, so that’s perhaps why I loved this story. (My favorite page was the candy store page!) Baby Bunny wants to grow up to be, more than anything else, a daddy bunny. Now that’s a progressive thought coming from a time when sex roles were stricter.


Candy store page

Don’t miss this short video put together for the anniversary celebration.

My Golden Books are packed. They escaped downsizing and are coming with me to our new house.

What about you? Did you save your Golden Books? Do you have a favorite?

Boxed Set

Giveaway: In honor of the anniversary, I’m giving a away a boxed Golden Book set. Read more about the boxed set here. To enter the giveaway, simply post a comment by May 20. Thanks! (Comment link is at the bottom.)

Happy Birthday, Golden Books!


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  1. I love Little Golden Books!! I read them to my boys and now I read them to my grandchildren…it’s especially fun when my 4 year old granddaughter likes to “read” to me!!

  2. Can’t remember owning any as a child, but we had a set of Childcraft that took the place of many individual books. They had wonderful illlustrations, too! I did buy Golden Books for my daughters!


  3. We also loved Pokey Little Puppy & many more: Tawny Scrawny Lion comes to mind. They are packed away but maybe it’s time to bring them out again for our two great grandsons!

  4. My family is growing our little golden book collection!! Especially love Eloise Wilkin!! Thanks for the fun info about the anniversary, Barbara!

  5. My favorite is Tawny, Scrawny Lion. I loved him eating the carrot stew with the bunnies, I called it golden soup. I have given this book as a gift to many small children and own at least 3 copies. Kohl’s for Kids currently has Tawny Scrawny Lions, and yes, I bought one! I was enthralled when I walked into the store recently and saw my lifelong friend!

    Some of these brought me right back – I remember what they SMELLED like; I couldn’t describe it, but seeing them brought that memory. and I learned to read at age 3, so it’s WAY, way back! 😀 Thanks!

  6. Hiya Barbara!!! Oh how I remember those Little Golden Books. I was the family bookworm, and continue to gift books to all the kids all year long. I now have a great-grandson that I’ll be sure to read to and give books to as well. Thanks for bringing back great memories. Not sure which would be my favorite, I loved them all. Blessed be, hugs!!!

  7. Wonderful post, you stirred up many memories! I love to read with my granddaughter now, and its fun exploring these stories once again.

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