Grandma Update: The Cousins Meet

In March, we were all invited to the home of Laura’s in-laws.  At the family gathering, my grandson Mazen would meet my granddaughter Emerson for the first time. Talk about a grandma who was pumped!

“All I want for Mother’s Day,” I told daughter Kath earlier that week, “is for you to take a really good photo of Emmie sitting in Maze’s lap.”

“Okay,” she said.

“And I want a print. Something I can put on the refrigerator.”


Beyond the endearing photo we would capture, I pictured another scene over and over. I would hold Emmie while Mazen made silly faces and rattled colorful toys. Surely Emmie would let out her glorious laugh as she watched the shenanigans of her cousin.

When we got there, Maze took one look at Emmie. A quick look. “Maze,” I said. “Come meet your cousin.”

“She drools,” he announced. “I don’t like drool.”

And he never got close. Not once.

The next day he said to me, “It’s not that I don’t love Emerson, Grammie. I just don’t like drool.”

And there you have it.

From the mouths of babes…comes drool.

From the mouths of four-year-olds, comes some very deep thinking. You can love the person, but you don’t have to love the behavior.

Photo: Daughter Laura holds her baby, Emerson, who looks quite ready to play with her cousin. And yes, that dark pink spot on her shirt is the dreaded drool. Daughter Kath has her arms around her son Mazen.

18 thoughts on “Grandma Update: The Cousins Meet”

  1. I love this picture of the 3 generations! I also follow your Daughter Kath’s blog (that’s how I discovered yours) and have watched Mazen grow. Mazen and Emerson are treasures, aren’t Grandchildren the best!!


  2. Well you neglected to share that you warned him about the drool for weeks leading up to this meeting, so he was really just taking your advice!!


  3. This is a wonderful picture of all of you!! I love the message from katheats that you may have “alerted” your grandson to the drooling problem! How wonderful to be this happy grandparent! Enjoy!!!


  4. All of you are so beautiful! Your post just reminded me, that often, after the kids leave the nest, we live lives we didn’t expect at all! You had expectations for Mazen and Emerson on that visit (and probably others for that visit and life in general :-). I had expectations that both my kids would live close by and I would be a busy, full time grandmother! Nope. Most live away with only one local (who is 18 months). Yay for that!! Until the 18 month old came along, we didn’t have any closer than 6 hours, and sometimes 8! And the oldest is 11 years old. I have given up hope that they will move closer but, I have learned to live this life I didn’t expect. I would be lying if I said I never felt sad, even depressed at times during this journey. My counselor has always said “this is time to focus on yourself and your personal goals”. What?! Me?! I was born to mother and grandmother, I just know it! I want to focus on my dream of how I expected my life to be LOL. It’s tough but, I am slowly learning to live this unexpected life. I think it’s important to take note that I see a counselor. Different chapters of life can be challenging, whether with things I mentioned, illness, divorce, etc. etc. It’s OK to go see someone and get some tools to make life easier.


    1. Penny, I feel sad too that mine aren’t closer.There’s definitely some grief involved, although you and I both know how lucky we are to have them, no matter where they live.

      And it takes time to visit them. Seems like it would be so convenient to have your kids in town!

      Thanks for speaking up about your counselor. Could I convince you to write us a post on the topic? I think getting professional help can be wonderfully empowering. And he or she is right. I’ve recently started a painting class and having a wonderful time (even though I’m no artist). Sometimes it can take a while to figure out new things to do, but it’s a good challenge.


      1. Yes, Barbara, you’re right, we’re so blessed to have them even if they are far away. Nothing like being a grandmother!Although, it’s a little intimidating to write a post, I feel it’s so important to stop the stigma and/or shame of seeking professional help so I would be happy to! Would you mind emailing me so we can touch base on what you think would be good to cover in the post? I have some thoughts already but, would like your input also.


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