Women of the Hourglass Magnets: A Giveaway!


I adore the work of Marylou Falstreau. Her Women of the Hourglass series touches on ideas I’ve tried to highlight on Friend for the Ride: the new possibilities that menopause brings (above). Along with those possibilities, comes  the realization that we can indeed simplify, giving up what drags us down (below):

Many women talk about the liberation of menopause (once the moods and flashes and goofy periods abate):

Age helps us appreciate the powers of forgiveness. Of other people and our wrinkles:

Just a few posts ago, I told you about my new breathing technique, which worked again last night:

With the loss of each of my parents, I’ve had a deep regret that I didn’t thank them enough for the blessings they brought to me. I’m working hard not to make that mistake with my friends. Thank you all for reading my blog! I’m honored that you take time from you busy days to read my words.

And thank you, Marylou, for your words and your pictures!

Giveaway: I’m giving a  Women of the Hourglass magnet to three lucky Friend for the Ride readers. For a chance to win, please enter a comment by July 25. Winners will choose their magnet from the selection here.

Meet the lovely Marylou and hear about her Women of the Hourglass series:


Visit Marylou’s website to learn even more about her work and to purchase her art in the form of prints, note cards, affirmation cards, magnets, and a coloring book!


15 thoughts on “Women of the Hourglass Magnets: A Giveaway!”

  1. Great fun artwork! And they speak right to where my life journey is taking me right now! I would love to have a magnet!


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