Downsizing: An Update!


We’re still downsizing over here in preparation for moving into our new house. We bought the model in a nearby community, and it became available sooner than planned. So we’re been moving bit by bit as we clean out our old house and get it ready to go on the market.

I’m giving the new house touches of old. Quilts over the banister (above) and a toy spice cabinet on the kitchen counter (below).


And a frog in our shower. Ribbit!

Cliff has jumped into the game and has given away or tossed parts of his youth too (more to come in a fun post soon!) We’ve bought some new furniture, including these pillows to add some zing.

For my birthday in March, daughter Kath surprised me with a painting of our old house, which was built 1n 1833 The front and back wings were added in 1889.

The artist is Bruna Webs. Bruna is wonderful to work with, and her prices are good. Just send her a photo, and she’ll pick up her paintbrush. Contact her through her website or email her at Bruna Mebs at

I liked Kath’s present so much that I commissioned Bruna to paint the back wing of our house too. Here it is:

And Bruna did a wonderful portrait for Kath of the little guy below, my grandson Maze.

The grandchildren’s room is well underway at the new house, with a closet full of old house toys

brand new zebra sheets

and in the bathroom, a rainbow rug next to a flamingo shower curtain.

Our house isn’t officially on the market yet, but when it is, of course we hope it sells quickly. I’m working through the emotions of leaving. I want someone to love the house and yard and care for them even better than we have. There’s so much I’ll miss, including this old doorbell. The girls would come to the back door after school and ring and ring and ring.


I can’t bring the doorbell, but I’m bringing my new paintings! Thanks Kath! Thanks Bruna!

13 thoughts on “Downsizing: An Update!”

  1. Wonderful update, we actually took a few doorknobs from our old home with the buyers permission. Hope the transition is smooth!


  2. I’ve never been to your old house but feel I know it bc of your good posts! I would find it difficult to leave too but the new house looks just great! And you’ll always have the memories with you! I adore the paintings of the old house too! They are super. Good luck with all!


  3. So many memories in your old house. Hard to leave, but new adventures await in your new place. Love the toy spice cabinet. Good luck with your move. 🙂


  4. What a wonderful reminder of your old home that in turn can go to your kids as where they grew up! I hope it sells quickly to people who love it!


  5. It is really hard leaving the family home; kids grew up there, family pets buried there, lots of firsts. It has been almost 7 years for us leaving our home.
    Kath was so very thoughtful, the painting is wonderful!It will find a perfect wall in your new home!
    I love that Carol took doorknobs from her home, I took my lilies and a few other perennials and they are blooming beautifully in my new yard.
    Good luck in this process!


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