MOCAheart: A Giveaway!


When MOCACARE offered me a MOCAheart device, I happily accepted their offer. 

Once it arrived, I had no trouble downloading the ap and syncing the device to my phone. After I charged my MOCAheart up, I turned it on, put my thumbs in the right place, and waited a tiny bit. Then my numbers popped up on my phone screen. Talk about easy!


Watch MOCAheart in action on this video:


Here’s more information from MOCACARE:

As you know, menopause has the potential to raise your risk of heart conditions

MOCAheart is a small biosensing device that delivers heart rate, blood oxygen, and pulse wave velocity through a simple thumb scan. PWV is the speed that blood travels through the vessels, which has long been regarded by the medical community as an important indicator of cardiovascular health and vascular status. The results automatically sync to the MOCACARE App storing all data conveniently.

The connected app allows users to share results with doctors or loved ones through its HIPPA compliant messaging platform. After each reading the app also displays actionable insights on how to improve or maintain heart health.

A bit about the MOCACARE App:

  • Easy sync – Measurement history is synced wirelessly to smartphone with a tap of a button
  • Heart healthy lifestyle tips – After each measurement, receive actionable insights and tips to improve your heart health. Based on guidelines from the American Heart Association.
  • Visualize goals and track progress – See how your health indicators are improving over time. Share your results – The HIPAA compliant chat platform makes sharing health data with doctors and loved ones effortless.
  • Multiple users –Allow friends/family to try MOCA devices without disturbing your health trends by removing irregular readings from your measurement history.

Giveaway: MOCACARE is offering a MOCAheart device to one lucky Friend for the Ride winner. For a chance to win, please enter a comment by September 10. Thanks, MOCACARE!

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  1. Since my dad died of a heart attack at age 60 with no prior symptoms, I’d love to be able to track my numbers in such a simple fashion!

  2. I’d love to give this device a try, it would be interesting to check on you heart without going to see your
    Dr. When you go for your annual visit you could share this diary with him!

    • Okay, it may be that this is a great new test, but please count me out!

      I finally just got my blood pressure under control (and I might add, naturally); I don’t need a new parameter/problem right now in heart health to worry about! “A Merry Heart Does Good Like a Medicine” Perhaps this goes a long way in what we need to know in life and in many, many ways and applications in heart health.

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