Grandma Update: Thinking of Emerson


In honor of the Ladies Room Door Art Series, I thought it might be fun to paint with toilet paper rolls. So I saved some. I painted my canvas a peachy pink.

And then I got busy with those rolls.

Toilet paper rolls

But now what?

And then I remembered!

Emerson, her mom reports, just started to pull herself up. One of her favorite locations? A toilet. Yucky to her mom, but hanging onto a toilet is lots of fun for Emmie.

So I decided to make my granddaughter the focus of my painting. My first portrait.

I used a photo that Cliff took of Emmie anxiously awaiting her supper.

I studied that face. And studied it and studied it and studied it.

The nose. The eyes. The expression. The curl of the hair. The coloring.

I’m not sure I’ve truly captured Emerson Grace Allen in my portrait, although Cliff kindly said he thought so.

But I had the most glorious time looking at those sweet features and thinking about her.


All thanks to the toilet paper rolls that got the project rolling.

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