Menopause Tips for Fairy Godmothers

I was digging through some old computer files and found these tips I wrote for an on-line interview. I can’t remember who asked me to write them or if they were ever posted. but I like them. Here they are:

Tip Number One: Embrace the change! Menopause makes you bolder. Go for it. Try a new hobby, ditch a mean friend, paint your living room a happy color, change up your clothing style, and/or find engaging volunteer work or a brand new job.

Tip Number Two: Be prepared for funky moods. The roller coaster emotions can swoop you up and back down again in minutes. Let family and friends know you’re on a wild ride. They can help you best if they understand that menopause is the cause of your moodiness.

Tip Number Three: Watch the calories. Give into the cravings just enough to calm them, but don’t go overboard. Experiment to find an exercise plan you can stick to. If it’s more fun than work, it’s the right plan for you.

Tip Number Four: Don’t panic when your libido takes a nose dive. Spontaneity is overrated. Make a date for romantic sex and keep the commitment. You’ll be amazed at how your gusto comes back once you get going.

Tip Number Five: Refrain from being overly self-critical. Instead, spoil yourself. Treat yourself. Forgive yourself.  Honor yourself. Become your own fairy godmother!

When I reread these tips last week, I realized how much I love the expression “Be your own fairy godmother.” I was thinking I was oh-so-creative to come up with it. Then I googled and saw others use the expression too, so I suspect I read it somewhere, and it’s not original. No matter who came up with the concept, it’s a great one.

That’s me as my own fairy godmother in the painting above. Now it’s your turn. Draw or paint yourself as your OWN fairy godmother. Post it where you will see it every day. Wave that wand right in your own direction, reread Tip Number Five, and then sail into action.


7 thoughts on “Menopause Tips for Fairy Godmothers”

  1. I love this. I’m going through menopause right now. I enjoy your blog. Your Fairy Godmother is adorable. Now I want to draw my own.


  2. These are just the kinds of words I need to hear right now. I’m just stepping into this stage and just got my hormone test back confirming that. It wasn’t easy or happy news for me. Your post is encouraging. Thank you!


    1. Don’t be sad! There’s plenty of help out there. If you go back to the earlier days of my blog (see the lists of posts on the sidebar to the right) you can find lots more good menopause info. I’ve drifted away from it a bit in recent years. Thanks so much for your comment!


  3. Great mantra, “become your own fairy godmother”. It speaks to me after years of bearing many titles, now in this new chapter (called menopause) I’d like to be my own fairy godmother!
    Your posts are wonderful Barbara!


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