Jewel Lady, Ready for the Holidays!



As a younger woman, I had casual holiday outfits, dressier ones, and some really elegant ones- a holiday-themed dress or jumper or top or sweater for every level of holiday festivity.

Dresses in black velveteen-one with a lace Peter Pan collar and another with a slight petticoat. I still remember the swish of that beautiful dress.

Sweaters with camels or snowmen or angels, tasteful I promise.

A green and black checked jumper in a soft flannel. This I wore, of course, with the black tights we loved so years ago. They were warm and more comfortable than hose and quite trimming to the legs.

Then there were the holiday sweatshirts so popular in the eighties. I even had one with tiny jingle bells.

But now, I’m wishing I could just dress for the holidays like Jewel Lady (above). I’d ask for additional jewels to cover more of my sixty-something skin, but gosh does she look festive. How easy to slip into those jewels and not worry about finding something new to wear. I’m having trouble mustering up enthusiasm for mall dressing rooms this season.

How about you?

Is it a rite of passage to be more chill about holiday clothes?

Or have I turned Scrooge?

Jewel Lady: I found her in a window of a Kentucky shop this summer. I hope her holidays are sparkling!

This Scrooge: I googled “female Srooge” and was delighted to find that a Dallas theater company featured a female Scrooge last year. What a fun part to play.

Downsizing: We still haven’t completely moved yet, but here’s to my first post from our new house. Wifi is on! Hooray!

And so is the new gas fireplace. Imagine that, Mrs. Scrooge. You flip a switch, and your fire is ready. I bet that would have lifted your spirits.

8 thoughts on “Jewel Lady, Ready for the Holidays!”

  1. I love the bejeweled look but…. I have pictures of myself in fancy dresses with deep v-necks and no I certainly am not showing off chicken skin now or suffer the discomfort of a weird bra! Boy I do sound like the old lady I am! I have not gone as far as the Holiday sweatshirt but comfort outweighs high fashion.

  2. Hi Barbs
    I think of your Mom all if the time. Her birthday is soon Abe will remember her for sure on the great day that Nancy was born
    Love love. Kathy

    1. It’s definitely sad to me that (at least in my world) there aren’t many dressy occasions anymore. We’re invited to a fancy holiday party tonight and I’m sooooo sorry now that I didn’t go to the mall!

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