Happy Holidays from Our Place to Yours

From my family to yours, happy holidays!

The photo above is from daughter Kath’s wedding to Thomas Donne in October.  Cliff and I now have a granddog. Gus joined our family along with Thomas. We’re delighted to have both of them.

Emerson has moved with her parents to Brooklyn. She’ll be a New Yoik girl!

Both Emmie and Maze will be here for Christmas. Are those Batman gloves? If so, I hope Maze brings them along. I may need a superhero to help me with the dishes and the dinners. Children and grandchildren will be sleeping at the new house for the first time. Cliff and I will hold down the fort at the old one since we don’t have enough bedrooms set up for everyone yet at the new.

Rudie, our beloved reindeer, is looking forward to giving the grand kids lots of advice. Don’t ask him about menopause though. You’ll make him blush.

But If you want to hear from an expert, read this inteview with Mrs. Claus (and learn a bit about their sex life). She was featured on Friend for the Ride’s very first Christmas. What a coup that interview was for this beginning blogger.

And the hormone talk continues. Cliff and I bought our tiniest tree ever for our new house. I could carry it with one hand. A nice break from the twelve foot behemoths we used to buy. I named her Teena, the Tiny Tree.

When we paid for Teena, the young man at Home Depot instructed us to add a cup of sugar to her water.

“Nope,” said a women standing nearby. “Birth control pills.” Turns out the advice came from a menopause nurse, who says the hormones would keep Teena vibrant.

Sadly, I didn’t have any birth control pills to offer Teena, but she seems happy in her new corner.

Happy holidays from Rudie and Teena and me, and thank you so much for reading Friend for the Ride.


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