The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Forty-two

From Becca, Viva Mexican Kitchen in Morrisville, North Carolina. Love this bouncy, flouncy lady in pink!

From Susan, a cafe in La Boca, Buenos Aires where they do informal tango shows.

The D’Italie Restaurant in Buenos Aires

Don Alonso Restaurant in Mendoza, Argentina


La Cantina in Mendoza. Susan reports that “Cuyanos” means men from the Cuyo Province in Mendoza.

“Cuyanas” are the women from that province.

Susan found this door a thte Salentein Winery in Tupungato, Argentina.

And how about this bathroom set up at the The Andes “Cafe!”

On a more elegant note, you can find this lovely lady at Le Telka Restaurant in Buenos Aires.

And this gentleman.

These door graces La Cuartito Restaurant in Buenos Aires.

Thank you Susan, for your excellent accounting of the bathroom doors of Argentina.

Back on the home front, Cliff took these at a local pool hall. He went with a group of guys in our new neighborhood. What a husband! He goes out drinking with the boys and comes home with photos for me.

That wraps up another edition of our Ladies Room Door Art Series.

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