Cool Links: A Cool Giveaway!

A post by Alex Chevarry, creator of Cool Lnks:

Popsicles, frozen peas, wet towels, fans full blast; she tried everything.  The hot flashes and night sweats were becoming more regular. She just turned 49 years old and didn’t want to enter her 50’s in discomfort.  The reality of menopause was sinking in.  Sometimes it was subtle or sometimes it was extreme, but either way she just wanted some relief.

My mom tried everything to beat the heat. It would be winter and she would run to the freezer, seemingly sweating, just to find some short term relief. When I was a kid, she always did everything to make sure I was taken care of and comfortable.  So it was difficult to see her going through this transitional period in her life without that comfort she was so good at providing.

The idea to provide relief from the heat came from a family outing on an overwhelmingly hot day at a local amusement park.  We could not find any product to truly cool us down.  After many years of testing & tinkering we created our own; the Cool Links: an ice cooling neck wrap providing long lasting and effective relief from the heat for everyone, including mom.

The Cool Links was designed to be the first adaptable cooling wrap to help people beat the heat.  It is created with individual links which help it contour around the body making it light and comfortable.

It is the first product to have removable cubes so you can keep extra ones in the freezer to swap out thawed ones and extend the cooling time as long as you’d like.

Cool Links

We made sure to use a wrap made of moisture wicking fabric so you can feel cool without ever getting wet; not to mention stylish and fun to wear.


After launching in July of 2017 at outdoor festivals throughout California, we discovered that we can now help anyone who needs to beat the heat.  Many women told us how much they love the relief they get with Cool Links as well as all of its great features.


Giveaway: Alex is giving a Cool Links wrap to TWO lucky Friend for the Ride winners. Winners may choose between the Tropicool and the Popsicool. For a chance to win, please enter a comment by June 25. Thanks!

Check out the Cool Links website here.

14 thoughts on “Cool Links: A Cool Giveaway!”

  1. Hiya Barbara!!! This is such a neat idea. I am naturally a hot-blooded person and always seem to be sweating. I have fans in my house (which has central air) that go all year long. This would be a wonderful item to have, Thanks for introducing us to another great product and for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam
    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com


  2. Brilliant, as the Brits would say! It’s about time someone came up with heat relief that looks cute! Thanks, Alex! (And thanks to you, too, Barbara, for posting!)


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