Please Help: A Menopause Survey


Sharon Hartnett, a practitioner in holistic healing methods, and Dev Steiger, a researcher, are conducting a survey on the multi-faceted experience of menopause. I received a letter a few weeks ago from Dev:

Dear Barbara,

I appreciate your writing about the lack of information, the reticence of women to seek answers, and the things that women face as we transition into a new time of life.

We are conducting a survey on the physical, emotional, and spiritual experience of menopause. Given how long women are living, we need support and useful information to thrive in a chapter of our lives that is as long as our childbearing years.

Our goal is to collect data and share the information, so all women can benefit from the collective knowledge, experience, and wisdom of other women.

Dev and Sharon would love your input and asked if I would share the link on Friend for the Ride. PLEASE help in this important research by completing the survey. It’s fun to take and asks some really intriguing and insightful questions.

Thank you to Dev and Sharon for your important work! We look forward to reading the results.


5 thoughts on “Please Help: A Menopause Survey”

  1. Barbara.
    Sharon and I wish to express our appreciation to you for creating a blog that supports women in this important chapter of our lives and for graciously sharing the link to the Menopause Insights Survey. We would also like to thank the women who read your blog for taking the survey and sharing their knowledge, experience and insights. We aim to share what we learn with other women knowing that women sharing wisdom is how we will thrive through this transition rather than simply survive. We hope the readers of Friend For the Ride will take the survey and share the link with other women as well. Thank you again to all,
    Dev & Sharon


    1. Can you take the survey if you are not actually in menopause yet? I am 52 and while my periods have gotten very irregular I haven’t started the 12 month count down yet. But my symptoms have me wishing I could retreat to a solitary mountain cabin until I am in menopause!


      1. Hi Tracey,
        Yes please take the survey. It is about the chapter of our lives that is usually marked by menopause, but it is also about the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives at this time, not just the physical aspects. So thank you and we appreciate your time and sharing your experience and wisdom.
        Dev & Sharon


    2. Hello Barbara, and Dev and Sharon, I just took the survey! What great and insightful questions you asked. I can’t wait to find out what your survey results are!


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