Mammogram Recall

I had a mammogram recall last spring.

Nothing can ruin your day faster than that phone call. I’ve gotten them before, but each time the fear factor goes flying off the charts.

AND nothing can improve your day faster than finding out all is well, which luckily I did last spring.

I snapped this photo at UNC Hospital and loaded it into the blog shortly after I came home from that scary appointment. And it’s sat here ever since waiting for me to think of something encouraging to say about a mammogram recall.

Two week ago, I saw a new gynecologist. I told her how I hate the phone call and the repeated screening. “Mammogram recalls are part of the process,” she said.”If you think of it that way, you’ll go into less of a panic when the office phones you. Recalls are very common and are usually needed because an area of the breast did not show up well on the film.”

My doctor went on to say that if the radiologist suspects cancer, the office will use more urgent language to get you quickly back for additional screening. I don’t know if that’s always the case, but I thought her words might be helpful the next time you or I get that dreaded phone call.


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