My Cancer Story: Early Detection Is the Ticket!


In the spring of 2014, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Healthy all my life, the diagnosis shocked me as I imagine cancer shocks everyone.

Luckily, my cancer was early stage. Shortly after the diagnosis, I thought: At least this is good material for Friend for the Ride. I vowed then to become an advocate for early detection of endometrial cancer. You can read about my cancer journey here.

I alternate between seeing my oncologist every six months and my gynecologist every six months. I still get nervous before the exam. Each time thus far, when I get the news that all is well, I leave the appointment with a bounce to my steps.

I met with a new gynecologist this time. She looked at my chart and smiled. “We tell our early stage endometrial cancer patients they can expect to meet their great-grandchildren.” Sounds good to me!

But the key word is “early stage.”

  • Bleeding between periods should be checked out.
  • Any post-menopausal bleeding (even spotting or watery pink discharge) should be investigated.
  • Pain during sex (that feels different than pain related to dryness) should be discussed with your doctor.

Odds are you have no worries, but do consider further testing with the advisement of your doctor.

Early detection is the magic ticket, and I’m glad to be alive to tell you so! Please share this post and help me get the word out. Thanks!


4 thoughts on “My Cancer Story: Early Detection Is the Ticket!”

  1. Early detection is so important, I’m glad that there are people out there who publicly support something they believe in. Many thanks for the blog!



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