The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Forty-eight

Blog reader and Ladies Room Door spotter, Pat, reports that she found the door above during her trip to Spain. The sign below announced the bathroom was up ahead.

Pat met the lady in the flouncy dress at the McDonald’s in Madrid.

She snapped these cuties in Madrid as well.

Pat found these at a souvenir shop in a town just past Gibraltar along the Sun Coast. The first two signs are above the doors.

And the next two are on the actual doors.


Back in the U. S. of A, Becky found this sign pointing to the bathrooms at Bella Sera, an Italian restaurant in  Old Town Monrovia, California.

And the signs below at Rudy’s Mexican Restaurant in Old Town Monrovia.

Cheryl  encountered this door at Bleu Voodoo Grill in Easley, South Carolina. A scary trip to the potty!

And I took this elegant W  just the other day at the Glenwood Grill in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Inside, I found the most elegant “Employees Must Wash Hands” sign ever!

Tacky or elegant, funny or nostalgic, scary or serene, outlandish or off-color, send me the doors you find on your adventures. Thanks!

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