The Breast Archives: The Film Is out!

Could you do it? Bare your breasts for the camera and talk about them? Not sure I could, especially now that the droop is settling in.

I’m delighted to announce that the groundbreaking film, The Breast Archives, has been released. And these women could and did. Here’s the official description of the film:

Real women reveal their breasts and uncover personal truths in this gently provocative documentary exploring embodiment, womanhood, and the power of being seen.

The Breast Archives uncovers nine women’s personal stories of empowerment. Baring their breasts and their hearts, the women share the unique journeys they’ve made with their bodies, from their formative years of hiding, shame, and disconnection to adulthood and the discovery of what it means to be a powerful woman. As the women slowly reconnect with their body-based stories they find a reservoir of strength and wisdom that lies within their breasts.

Read this post on Friend for the Ride to learn lots more about the film, its purpose, its participants, and its insightful and talented director, Meagan Murphy.

And here’s an article in the New York Post.

These are two options for viewing the film:

ITunes Link

The Breast Archives Official Trailer (November 2018) from The Breast Archives on Vimeo.


3 thoughts on “The Breast Archives: The Film Is out!”

  1. Okay, I told myself I would not post a comment on this. No way.

    But, as I mentioned in my previous post, I didn’t have a “normal” primary family. So, that extended to how I perceived myself (and, yes my breasts); unfortunately, the result was a negative one. This would persist for years and decades to come.

    But, then a release.

    Suddenly, I was able to find new experiences that would counter all of the old thoughts/feelings. And, then I found a dimension of understanding/experience that happily (maybe, dare I say ecstatically?) transcended and replaced “the old.”

    I hope sharing this might help some woman out there who has struggled with her feelings of her self-image/identity as a woman (and her experience of . . .okay, yes, her breasts : ) to find that a new dimension is always waiting.


      1. Thank you, Barbara for responding to me! I almost emailed you to say — please retract my comments ( I was embarrassed to be the only one to respond). Bravo to these brave women for proudly baring there breasts in appreciation of what it is, in totality, to be a woman! But more importantly, for baring their hearts, their spirits, their feminine souls! And, thank you, Barbara, for providing this inspiration for us (which is something that you so beautifully and consistently do) – as hard as it is for so many of us to respond sometimes. And, kudos to the producers of the film!


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