Special Edition: Ladies Room Doors of China

There’s friendship, and then there’s friendship.

There’s blog loyalty, and then there’s blog loyalty.

Susan is a friend of friends and loyaler than loyal because she snapped bathroom doors for Friend for the Ride throughout her recent trip to China. And wow, did she find some doors! Thank you, Susan.

The sign above and the first one below are from the Beijing railway station.

This is the Art Zone 798 in Beijing.

Here’s a squat potty with an automatic trash can and sluicing water.

I asked Susan to tell us a bit more about the potty situation in China. She writes: “Even in tourist areas, squat potties are the norm. If you are very lucky there will be one western-style toilet. Toilet paper is rarely available; I brought camping t.p. along on the trip and carried it daily. One odd thing is that you placed your used tissue in a trash can in the cubicle; their plumbing isn’t equipped to handle paper!”

A hot pot restaurant in Beijing

A toast tea house in Beijing

A public bathroom in one of the old hutong (alleys) in Beijing

Susan found this door at a  restaurant in Beijing. Her girls are very good with languages, so I suspect they were the translators.

Jingzun Peking duck restaurant

The Beijing Airport

A public restroom in Jing Alley, Chengdu

Susan at a hutong in Chengdu China. Hutong means alley.

And here is our photographer at the Giant Panda Breeding Center located outside Chengdu.

Thank you so much, Susan, for sending such wonderful doors to Friend for the Ride!

5 thoughts on “Special Edition: Ladies Room Doors of China”

  1. Thanks for this post! I really enjoyed scoping out the bathroom signs in China. It was one incredible trip and the potty situations were part of the experience.


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