Menopause and Me (and You)

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I’m delighted to be named a Healthline Best Menopause Blog of the Year. Here’s the link to the announcement with descriptions of the winning blogs:

I love menopause! Despite it’s challenges, I think its a liberating and creative and transforming time in a woman’s life. But as you may have noticed, I’ve been focusing on menopause less in recent years. I’m now so far out from the Great Pause that I have trouble coming up with fresh material on the subject. I’ve turned to other topics that are pulling at my heart and body and mind.

So those of you who are in the midst of menopause or approaching it, I encourage you to follow the many fine menopause bloggers on the Healthline list. I hope Healthline will continue to include me since there are plenty of menopause posts in the Friend for the Ride archive, and menopause will still be featured from time to time.

Is it okay with you, oh loyal and wise and gentle readers, that I’ve mostly moved on to other topics? Do tell me how you feel. Thanks!



8 thoughts on “Menopause and Me (and You)”

  1. Congratulations on the super recognition! I’m happy for you.

    It is fine with me that you’ve moved on to other topics of interest. That’s what life is really all about: change!!!!

    It’s clear you embrace life fully and it is fun to read about your new adventures. Keep on keeping on!


  2. Congratulations on the recognition! Very deserved!

    It is fine with me that you are moving on to other topics. You are engaged in many interesting adventures and it is fun to read about them!

    Thanks for all!


  3. Barbara I love your blog – you capture all aspects of us’ mid life” ladies whether it is menopause, downsizing, retirement, grandkids etc., etc.
    Carry on just the way you are and many congrats to you my friend!


  4. Good for you Barbara! You’re very inspiring. I love all your posts about downsizing, being a grandparent, loss of parents, new activities, etc….all things more pertinent for me than menopause, which is a distant memory at this point.


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