My Core: Planks!

This February, I noticed I was having a hard time getting up off the kitchen floor. I’d go down on my knees to clean up a spill, and then struggle to get up again. Yikes! Suddenly, I felt eighty.

Enter the issue of strengthening my core. I’ve been avoiding the topic for years. The time had come.

“Planks,” said both of my daughters.

“Planks,” said the trainer at Planet Fitness, my beloved purple gym.

And so I’m in. No need for special clothes or shoes. On Sunday, I even did a plank in my church clothes for a change of pace. I just drop to the floor and start that plank.

There are all sorts of variations and modifications to planks. For starters, this is what I’m doing:

My first goal was to hold the plank for thirty seconds, which I now can do. It may be wishful thinking, but It seems like my stomach is a bit flatter. Hooray for that. It needs it. And I’m already getting up with less of a struggle.

What about you? Anybody else into planks? Any other core exercises that you find easy and efficient? What about you yoga people? Do you feel yoga does wonders for your core?

Photo: I wasn’t wild about posting a photo of me mid-plank. Instead, I put up the sweet rug from my mom. It’s a treasured possession, and it’s my Plank Place although, of course, you can do a plank almost anywhere.


12 thoughts on “My Core: Planks!”

  1. Yes to the core strengthening yoga! When a close friend and I sent our youngest kids to college we committed to going to yoga at least twice a week. After a year of consistent practice we both commented on how much stronger we felt, especially in our core. We take pretty challenging classes most of the time and it has helped us both so much. My friend is extremely fit so you wouldn’t think she would need it but yoga gave her greater flexibility and strength. I am pretty flexible to begin with but I’m so much stronger now with nearly two years of consistent practice. Going to that first class was intimidating but it’s been pure joy ever since 🙂


    1. This encourages me as I hope to start yoga. I already feel stronger–been doing hand weights, stretches, etc. along with the planks. I just need to get brave enough to go to yoga!


      1. Yes! And Kath mentioned it when we had a skin care discussion via email last week. I told her I’ve only known one other Nancy Jane in my life so adding in your mom there are three of us 🙂


  2. I am a yogi of almost three years and I notice so much difference with strength, flexibility and eliminating aches and pains. We plank for our cores as well as lots of other poses. I was intimidated to start but took the plunge and love it!


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