Her Period Days Are Over and Mostly Forgotten

As a younger woman, I imagined feeling daily gratitude once my period days were over. How incredible it would be!

I suffered from many manifestations of PMS that started at mid-cycle. Then the cramps hit. Basically, I had one week a month when my body felt content. Even when Cliff and I argued about this and that, I remember thinking but I suffer so from being a woman. The whole world needs to cut me a million breaks.

So am I now in a state of constant appreciation that I am period-free?



I’m not really sure, but here are two theories:

First off, I’d love to have some of that estrogen back.

Second, menopause is a transition complete with its own problems. It’s not like a fairy suddenly waves her wand and says, “Poof. You’re done!”  As our bodies weather through menopause, I think the other problems can cloud the happy feeling of no more periods.

When I saw the above article in Oprah Magazine, I realized I don’t even think about my period anymore. In fact, it’s not even in my radar that other women are suffering like I once did. I wish all of them well of course. I just forget.

Here’s a post I wrote when the blog was brand new eight years ago about mourning the loss of periods, an emotion that surprised me then.

Am I mourning  the college girl, long gone, who dealt with periods as she juggled research papers, boyfriend, and dorm conversations that ended in happy hysterics?  Am I missing the possibility of one more sweet baby?  Am I grieving for a body that amazed me because it could count the days?  Am I worrying about the body now, which certainly seems less efficient, and the one to come?

The end of periods was very much on my mind eight years ago. It’s not now.

I’m not sure what my point is. Maybe just that life moves on. At best we embrace those changes.

What about you? Do you remember to be thankful your periods are gone? Do you miss them in any way?

And for you young ones, how anxious are you for those days to be over?

7 thoughts on “Her Period Days Are Over and Mostly Forgotten”

  1. I just had a hysterectomy and I am glad to be done with my period, especially since it had been so crazy these past two years. No more no swim days, camping trips and travel will be easier. No worries about when it’s coming, when it will end and all those crazy heavy days when I need to be sure I had a bathroom nearby. Before the craziness of perimenopause I don’t remember thinking much about my period at all. It was just a part of your life, but in the background. And then poof, for two years my life revolved around it! I am happy to have my life back.


  2. I think that as I transitioned from periods to peri – menopause, and then to menopause, I was presented with new issues and easily forgot the previous ones.
    I don’t miss my periods, and especially not peri menopause (which took my cycle to whole new levels). Menopause is on the forefront now and I am working through these changes.
    I have to say though I do miss the estrogen!


  3. When they took HRT off the market, I was confident there’d be another process in place by the time I needed it. I’m no longer sanguine (pun intended) about the prospect of a new treatment, with time running short.

    However, my natural estrogen should hang on for another 5-10 years. We’re lingerers in our family. My sister has been complaining about peri-menopause for a few years now, but my only symptom is irregularity – they’re more frequent than they used to be, but pretty reliable, and Auntie Flo thoughtfully sends her little dog Spot to my house a day or two in advance. I feel like I’m going through puberty again sometimes, more aches than ever I had then, but it looks like I still have some time before I get to join the “gone forever!” club.


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