Floss! A TMI Habits Post

I’m on a major kick to break bad habits and add good ones. Read my first post on the topic here.

One vow I’ve made is to spend more time brushing my teeth.

“I read you need to brush for two minutes,” said Cliff a few months ago as he worked away at his own teeth. We have double sinks in the new house. A whole new marriage experience!

So Part One of my tooth habit is to brush longer. I only succeed some, but I am definitely getting there.

And I’ve made a vow to floss more. I use the interdental brushes Those things are fab for teeth gunk.

But my dental hygienist says those little brushes don’t replace flossing. I used to floss about once a week. My teeth are spaced close together in the back. Sometimes the floss would get stuck and then break off, with a tiny piece remaining. I’d always go into a bit of a panic until I got it out.

Then daughter Kath introduced me to Glide.  My flossing world opened up! I love this stuff. It’s like a trip to the spa for my mouth. I’m especially partial to the minted version:


James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, writes: “It is crucial to make your habits so easy that you’ll do them when you don’t feel like it.”

This is a pretty basic concept, but it’s helping me as I work to make life changes. Thank you, Glide! You glide right along, never get stuck, and feel gentle on the gums.

What about you? Are there products you’ve discovered that have helped you break a bad habit or add a good one?

More Floss Talk: We learned the hard way that dental floss and toilets do not mix. A big plumbing bill taught us that lesson.

How to Floss: Here’s a lesson from the American Dental Association on how to floss correctly. 



4 thoughts on “Floss! A TMI Habits Post”

  1. Thank you for the floss talk…
    I have loose contacts, and my dentist gave me great advise on this,
    Tie a knot in the dental floss before flossing to help get stuff out of the teeth when needed.
    Floss on!!


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