The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Fifty-two

From Becky, here are two signs from the Neuse Sports Shop in Kingston, North Carolina. Love these! (Well, I love all the doors I post and shouldn’t pick favors, but these are extra great.)

Also from Becky comes this sign from El Tiempo Cantina in Houston, Texas.

Candice sent this door from the Dallas Fort Worth airport. It’s interesting to note this bathroom is also a tornado shelter.

And also from Candice, the  Bishop Burger Barn in Bishop, California. Now that trip to the ladies room looks like an adventure!

Paul sent these from Chowboys Cantina in Virginia Beach. Talk about colorful!

Susan found this door a the  Hi Top Cafe in Catskills, New York.

She found this one at the Yellow Deli in Oak Hill, New York.

My Duke friend Derri sent this from Dear Old Duke, our alma mater. Go Lady Blue Devils!

I snapped these at the entrance to the ladies room at the rest area in Johnson County, North Carolina.

Tobacco country…

I found this elegant door at the Glenwood Grill in Raleigh, North Carolina.

And inside I discovered the most elegant hand washing sign I’ve ever seen.

And finally, here’s a neat post my daughter Kath featured on her blog. I just love those wrappers!

I Tried A Toilet Paper Company Called Who Gives A Crap


That wraps it up for this edition of our Ladies Room Door Art Series! Thanks, everyone!

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