Ruth Curran of Cranium Crunches created the cool games below using photos from Friend for the Ride.

This game is called  “One of These Things Is Not Like the Others.”

Click on the photo below of grandson Mazen and me to begin playing.

Me and Maze

This game is Memory Match.

You can play on three different levels of difficulty.

Click on the photos below to play.

Matching Game

Read more about Cranium Crunches here.


2 thoughts on “Games”

  1. Played the first brain workout. I didn’t pay attention to my score, but was challenged to figure out the different photo. In many cases, it was dots missing, so I saw a trend, which helped me with the later photos. The most difficult was the solder outside the house. The beetles stumped me too.

    I enjoy these games. Onto the next.


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