The Ladies Room Door Art Series: Part Twenty-Five




My friend Susan has an eye for spotting cool ladies room doors. It’s a good thing for Friend for the Ride that Susan travels a lot. She found fabulous doors on a recent trip to California. Above, Marilyn graces the ladies room door at the Patio at KC’s in Windsor, California.

Susan found this door at the Himalayan Restaurant in Windsor.


The Charles Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, California.

The outhouse at Barndiva Restaurant in Healdsburg.


Susan found this woodsy door at the Petrified Forest.

And this one at Half Dome Camp in Yosemite National Forest.


She stumbled on art deco style at the Sutter Street Grill in Folsom, California.



Back in our home turf, Susan snapped this red W at Tomato Jakes in Durham.


I took this unisex door at Sage, a favorite restaurant  in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

And finally,  I discovered this nicely patterned sign the other night at Juju in Durham, North Carolina.

Pink Door


The doors at Sage and  Jufu were in dark corners of the restaurants, which creates a photography dilemma for me. I’m often caught propping doors open with one foot as I work to get more light. No effort is too great for our Ladies Room Door Art Series!

And thank you, Susan, for your gallant photography efforts on your journeys. When’s your next trip?


Beat the Heat! A Nano-Ice Necklace Giveaway




A summer giveaway offer from our friends at Nano-Ice Cooling Necklace:

Summer can be tough, hot, and uncomfortable for many; however, you may not have to suffer like this anymore thanks to the Nano-Ice Cooling Necklace. Whether it’s a Fourth of July barbecue or an afternoon baseball game, the Cooling Necklace will keep you comfortable and cool for up to 3 Hours! With superior cooling abilities and stylish designs, the Nano-Ice Cooling Necklace is a staple for this summer.

Join the movement today, and Beat the Heat in Style with your very own Cooling Necklace!  See the 2 designs, above and below.

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Read more about the development of this innovative necklace here on  Friend for the Ride. The last giveaway winner was delighted with her necklace. Cool!

M is for Menopause and Men!



M stands for menopause, and it also stands for men. What do men think of menopause? Do they get a vote?

Sure they do, since menopause affects them too. I was delighted to receive this note from my good college friend, Glenn:


It’s taken me far too long to send you a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed and learned from your Friend for the Ride blog. To be honest, as a near 60 year old man, I really only started to read it to see what you’ve been up to – but I’ve continued to follow it because it has provided so much information and insight as to what my female family, friends, and co-workers are going through.

It’s really helped me to better understand and relate to their circumstances.

Great job!


Thanks, Glenn, and thanks to men everywhere, including my own husband, who get that this is a difficult transition. As I’ve written before, I wish I’d shared more with Cliff about the emotional side of menopause. Trouble is, for many of us, these emotions are so odd and so troubling, they’re tricky to characterize and to talk about.

Here are links to two posts I wrote for EmpowerHer on men and menopause:

Five Mistakes Couples Make During Menopause and Five Things I Wish My Husband Knew About Menopause.

If I could suggest another article for EmpowerHer, it would be on how to talk to your male friends about menopause because that’s an important topic, too. Thanks Glenn, for reading my blog, and thanks to guys everywhere for caring enough to connect with us during a challenging transition.

Hot Women Need Cool Beautiful Fans! A Giveaway


fan samples 2


The cool news from Fine and Folded Hand Fan Company. Their fans are gorgeous!

In menopause, you may find yourself hotter than you’ve ever felt before! We’ve learned that women with hot flashes love fans! We love fans too, and we like that we can help.

Equally practical and delightful, our fans provide an instant breeze; slip one in your purse or bag to have at your fingertips whenever you need it. The beautiful and unique designs pair classic patterns with a touch of whimsy – each with its own personality to mix and match with your style and mood! All fans come in a lined, fabric bag with a magnet closure – easy to open and close and keeps your fan protected.

Hot flashes? No sweat – unfold a little cool. They are a perfect gift for yourself or friends!

Fan in Hand

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Discount: If you don’t want to leave it to chance, enter “FRIEND” at the check-out for free shipping if you buy 2 or more.

Check out this fun guide to fan language!

Fan Language