Aging, Menopause

Meaner as We Age?

A poem of sorts (written by me) about safety pins:

Are safety pins safe

because their sharp point

gets tucked inside,

or do safety pins

make for safety

because they’re helpful

in  emergencies?

Let me be a safety pin,

my hateful point tucked in

and my kinder edge ready

to assist those who

need to be secured.

Some say that as we age, men grow more mellow, and women grow more mean.

I like the idea that men mellow out. There’s nothing more charming to a menopausal lady than a mellow man (who’s still up for plenty of fun despite his mellow manner).

But do women really get meaner?

Does meaner actually imply bolder?  Feistier?  More honest?  More open?

Or does meaner  mean MEAN?

Let’s take a Friend for the Ride poll!  Do you feel yourself becoming more mellow or more mean?

A safety pin for your thoughts…