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Guest Post: A Cool-jams Giveaway!


A guest post from Cool-jams creator Anita Mahaffey:

My night sweats first arrived with an undiagnosed thyroid condition in my late 40’s.

Then, when menopause hit 10 years later and I was out of control. I was desperate to find a solution for these pesky night sweats that were keeping me awake at night. I would toss and turn steaming hot one minute and then 20 minutes later feeling cold, clammy and drenched with sweat in my cotton nightgown.

Luckily I was working in the apparel industry and had ready access to 100’s of different fabrics and testing labs. After much trial and error, I finally discovered our Cool-jams moisture wicking smart fabric.

When we got the first test results which showed superior absorbency and an incredibly fast dry time, I made myself a pair of pajamas using this new fabric.  After one night of cool, dry, comfortable sleep, I knew I had a winner!

This was the start of Cool-jams. The fabric felt like super soft cotton, but was so much more effective at managing night sweats than any other fabric we had tested.

This innovative new micro fiber fabric absorbs moisture faster than cotton, poly or other microfiber fabrics.

Additionally the second part of the equation was quick drying. Cotton does a fairly decent job at absorbing, but does not dry quickly. The beauty of our Cool-jams fabric is that it does both.

Not only does it absorb moisture rapidly, it also draws the moisture away from the body to the outside of the fabric and dries rapidly. In fact it dries 3-4 times faster than any fabric tested.

You guessed it…we now have the world’s most innovative and effective night sweat pajama. The pajamas actually help to regulate the body temperature so you never are too hot or too cold, always just right. As an added bonus our sleepwear fabric contains a natural antibacterial treatment so the garments always stay fresh and odor free.

Seven years later, Cool-jams is featured in national women’s magazines, on TV shows like “The Doctors,” and is top-rated with thousands of glowing reviews. Since 2007 we have grown our line to include bedding, travel sleepwear and wicking panties which we supply to thousands of customers around the world.

A customer recently asked if fairies weave magic into our Cool-jams fabric because it works so well! I had to laugh because there is no magic at all, just solid research, technical know-how and craftsmanship

In an effort to give back, Cool-jams donates a percentage of its profits to women and child centered charities. Our customers feel good about their purchases because they know that a part of every purchase goes back to help others in need.

Giveaway:  Simply post a comment on Friend for the Ride saying you’d like to win. Winner will get to select a nightgown or pajamas from . Contest ends on January 16.

If you  would like a second chance to win a free pj, robe or nightgown, please feel free to enter the Cool-jams weekly giveaway located at the bottom of the homepage . 

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Visit to see its full line of quality guaranteed moisture-wicking sleepwear and cooling bedding, from cami-strap nightgowns, to boxer pajama sets, bathrobes, pillows, cooling sheets and more.


Anita Mahaffey, Cool-jams founder, is a 54- year- old mother, wife, and business owner. She started her career in corporate marketing, but after the birth of her second child she began her first stint as a business owner. Cool-jams, her most recent business, is an online sleepwear company specializing in sleepwear and bedding to help combat night sweats and temperature regulation issues. Cool-jams was founded in 2007 and now ships its products to over 150 countries around the world.

In her spare time, Anita loves to hike, ski, practice yoga and pilates and enjoys volunteer work with a variety of organizations. She also researches and writes health related articles and enjoys motivational speaking.